so i finally got around to…

…posting this week, cleaning the house, making dinner, getting out of the house…okay, maybe only one of those things, but it’s better than nothing. The last couple of weeks have been fantastically long and busy. And I have the cold that never ends. Awesome. But even better for me, Husband has been amazing and picking up all the slack. He did the dishes, made dinner, took care of the zoo, and even managed to make me his phenomenal apple pie…

…and buy me this…

…He makes a much better wife than I do. I need to step up my game.

So I organized the linen closet. Baby steps. But figuring out what to do with that giant tangle of sheets was more intense than I expected. There are three sizes of beds in our house, requiring three sizes of sheets. That’s a lot of sheets. Naturally, I forget which sheets are which and must pull them all out and try each one before finally giving up and pretending that the king sheets fit the queen bed. The rest of the bunch was tossed back up in the top of the closet to await the next sheet-change. Bad system. My type-A, OCD personality couldn’t handle it. This is my solution:
Group all sheet sets. Wayyy easier said than done, but I (mostly) made it happen. A couple of pillowcases are still MIA.
Once you’ve figured out who matches who, put the entire set in one of the pillowcases and fold so it makes a nice little package.

This solves the tangling problem but not the sizing issue, so I quickly and un-creatively made some tag labels. Tied them on with some twine and BAM! Looks much better.
I considered that a sufficient day’s work.