it’s a fine line

M-day is coming.  Dun, dun, dun.  A day which brings tears to the eyes of mamas young and old, terror to the hearts of fathers in search of gifts, and hand-print artwork from children everywhere.  I love it.  I’m so excited for the Saurus to get big enough to make me all sorts of handprint butterflies and what-not to hang on the fridge.  But for now he’s still a wee one and all of his artwork involves regurgitated goldfish in my work boots and applesauce hair gel.  Ahh, motherhood.

If you’re a panicking father, here are some picks of my favorite things to show your wife how awesome she is.  Because let’s face it, birthing a human is pretty much the worst ever and nothing made me feel less beautiful.  I always tell Husband that I don’t necessarily need fancy things, and you don’t have to spend money, but it is always nice to feel extra-loved every so often.  Chances are your baby mama feels the same way, so relax.  But not too much-you don’t want to forget about it.  It’s a fine line.  But you know, no pressure or anything.

mother's day

1. bath melts I love baths.  Sometimes, when the Saurus goes to bed, I go to the bath.  Adding one of these makes it feel like a spa day.

2. monogrammed necklace  Because this is beautiful.  And if you’re a first-time mom, you can never have enough things that remind you of your awesome bundle of cuddle.

3. breakfast in bed.  Do the dishes, too.  That’s an important step.

4. apron Maybe it’s just me, but any occasion is a good occasion for an apron.

5. photos Make her a photobook.  A little time-consuming, yes, but something she’ll cherish forever.  Or, if she’s a super-photo-control-freak (like me), then just print out a handful to use in frames.

6. wallet  I never carry a purse.  And I rarely carry a wallet – I just end up throwing my ID, debit card, and phone into the depths of the diaper bag.  It’s a bad system, so something like this would be incredibly helpful for transporting just the essentials between work bag, diaper bag, pocket, etc.

7. a spa in a jar  Just a few little things to show Mom how much she is appreciated and to help her feel beautiful.

8. coffee mug Moms have bad days. It’s nice to be reminded that you’re not a failure.

9. urban halo head band.  Looks great on those unwashed-hair days. (Hint – if she’s wearing this, tell her she looks extra pretty.  And mean it)

10. a cup of coffee/starbucks gift card PS – you can send a starbucks one online!  If you really want to step up your game, get her a Nespresso…because one cup of coffe is nice, but unlimited cups of coffee are better…

11. frame your baby’s handprint/footprint.  The Saurus’ nanny did this for me for my birthday – she just put ink on his hand, embossed it, and laminated it.  I totally cried – it was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever received and I’ll treasure it forever.

do what you love

I’ve heard that when you start a business (or a blog, in this case), you should focus your energy on being really good at one thing rather than branching out and being half-good at a lot of things.  I don’t much care for that philosophy.  Which is why I’m not the Hunter with a business degree.  I like doing what I love.  And I just happen to love a lot of things.

love what you do

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I love baking.  I always have and, hopefully, always will.  So I write about that.

I love paper.  I always have and actually started a card business when I was young and my mama’s friends were sweet enough to support me in my childish endeavors.  So I write about that.

I love history and politics.  But that’s inflammatory so I don’t write about that.  At least not here.  Much.

I love babies.  This is actually a recent development, but I write about that too.

I love life, and Texas, and stories.  So I write about that.

I love God and my family.  So that permeates all of my writing.

I also love change.  And surprises.  And baby animals and Dr. Pepper and sunshine and books and pretty things and just about everything else.

The point being that I will probably never settle (and thus never have a profitable business, if I listen to what the suited-people tell me) and I’m okay with that.  This blog is about life, and baking, and babies, and paper, and adventure, and marriage, and stories, and just about everything.  And I like it.  And I’m keeping it.  So you just never know what might show up in a post!

Like today, when the thought struck me to share some of my favorite fonts with y’all.  I have spent entirely too much time downloading fonts (which is probably why I keep killing computers, now that I think about it…) and often get asked where I get them all.  So, I’m sharing just a few of my current favorites.  Maybe this will become a thing.  Maybe it won’t.  But for now, it’s typeface tuesday!

favorite fonts

use these links to get them for yourself:

angelique ma douce

pw dotted

cursive option

serial publication


pea sunshine

kg happy

capture it


a super box/bowl

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