the hunter house did america


Hello!  So this is about a month late (story of my life) but I figured it was time to fill y’all in on Le Grand Roadtrip and share the photos.  In case you’re new here, we moved across the country and called it a vacation.




Here are the stats:

Number of states: 16

Number of miles: we lost count at 3600…

Number of toddlers who (hopefully) aren’t scarred for life: 1

Number of dogs who never, ever want to ride in a car again: 2

Number of goldfish crackers in the car upholstery: 2 million.  Give or take.

Number of Campfire Mochas consumed: 1 ga-jillion.

Favorite things we did: take a train ride // see a buffalo (on the highway!) // go swimming // see most of America // stop for pictures

Least favorite thing we did: Drive through South Dakota.  Sorry, South Dakotans – your state was too windy and ridiculous for us.





We had a great time but hopefully have a couple of years before we do that again.  Whew.  But really, it was a great time.  Except for the part where there were only about 2 days out of the month where it didn’t rain or snow.  That’s right – snow.  In May.  I was seriously confused by this, as was the Saurus who had ZERO appropriate clothing items for a freak blizzard in May.  But we made the best of it and had a lot of blankets.






We got in some great visits to family, some beautiful time in the mountains, and covered a whole lotta highway.


We are now semi-settled in (at least enough for the Saurus to have his height recorded on the wall) and have been blessed with an amazing house (which it’s going to take me years to decorate so expect a lot of home-updates!) and couldn’t be more thrilled with where we’re living and our new jobs.  We spend most of our time trying to keep the dog hair and weeds from taking over and a little bit of time playing golf and a whole bunch of time just enjoying being a family.  Husband continues to be the rock and I continue to fill orders for the shop (yup – even on vacation) and create as many messes as possible.  The Saurus continues to be weird.



Thank you to following along and being patient as we settle in.  Hopefully I’ll be around a bit more regularly and get back to some serious baking!




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