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My mama is an amazing woman.  She really is.  She might not be able to tell the difference between Netflix and the internet (I love you, Mom!) but she is one of the most creative and tireless people I’ve ever met and she can get a stain out of anything.  Seriously, anything.  She has taught me so much about wifehood, motherhood, housekeeping, hostessing, you name it.  There is something unique about having a mama from the south.  They just know stuff.  I don’t know how, but they do.

Everyone should have a good, southern mama.  Which is why I’m happy to announce a new mama-loving (I meant that to sound sweet, not profane) project with y’all: Secrets of a Southern Lady.  This is meant to be a way to honor all of those tips and tricks our mamas taught us, and what it means to be a lady.  As a society, I think we’ve lost a little of that over the years and it’s time it made a comeback.  Not all of us sip sweet tea on the front porch, but there’s something to be said for the knowledge of generations passed down from mother to daughter (or son).

I’m hoping all of you will join me.  Each month will feature a different topic to share ranging from housekeeping to hostessing to faith to family.  You can write about your mama’s (or mom-like figure’s) tips, tricks, stories, etc to go along with it and then, on the 10th of each month, share the link to your post here, on chuck&welly so that we can all share the mama secrets.  It’s fine to just write a bullet-list or share pictures or stories, whatever you want.  Even if your mama isn’t southern, that’s okay.  Really!  I think all moms are awesome and would love to hear about what yours has taught you and what you’ve picked up from other amazing women along the way.  And if you came by your secrets all on your own (no mama intervention), that’s great too – feel free to share! You can write a post each month, for each topic, or just join in on the ones you like best.  Not a blogger but want to join in?  Fantastic!  I’d love to have you e-mail me what you’d like to share and then I’ll post it on chuck&welly.  Not a lady?  That’s okay, too – men are encouraged to love their mamas.  My mama taught me to make sure everyone has a chance and feels equally included and I think that’s important, so there you go.

mother quote

[printable version: mother quote]

The first post will happen May 10th, because it’s the day before Mother’s Day, and a good time to talk about awesome ladies.  I’ll share my post that morning, along with instructions about how to link yours, if you’re a fellow blogger. If you’d prefer to e-mail me your writing to post here, do it before the 10th, and I’ll post one a day starting the 11th, first-come, first-serve style.  Here’s the list of topics for each month (so far – if you have more ideas, let me know!):  If we’ve already passed that month, you can click on it to be taken to that post.

may :: hi, mom! Introduce yourself and the woman who taught you how to be a lady (or a gentleman).  Share a picture and why she means so much to you.  Wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.  Give her a hug.  

june :: housekeeping My mom can get a stain out of anything and is teaching me how (I’m a slow learner and an excellent stainer of everything).  How did your mom teach you to keep house?

july :: manners My mom put me through her own version of charm school for my whole life.  It was great and I’m forever grateful that she was/is a stickler for manners.  What manners were important to your mom and how did she teach them to you?

august :: family God, family, football is the order of priorities in my house and mama made sure she passed on what she knew about being a good wife and mother (and football fan).  What did she pass on to you about how to have your own family?

september :: fashion and beauty Every southern lady has pearls and knows how to wear them and prides herself on her appearance (but without being vain).  What beauty tips and tricks did your mom pass on to you?  You don’t have to be Miss Texas to have something to share here.

october :: cooking and baking My mom is the great savior of recipes – she can take any kitchen failure and make it fantastic and can throw together food for a party of 100 with 10 minutes’ notice and without having to go to the store.  What did your mom teach you about cooking and baking?  This is a great time to share some favorite family recipes!

november :: hostessing A hallmark of a southern lady is her ability to throw a party (especially on a moment’s notice).  My mama is the queen of this.  What does your mom do as a hostess? Think anything from throwing a huge bash to getting/keeping the house ready for company.

december :: grace, faith, and character “A wife of noble character, who can find?  Her worth is greater than rubies.” [Proverbs 31:10] My mother is a godly woman and teaches me more and more every day about what that looks like.  No matter her stance on Christianity, a good southern woman knows good character and that such a trait is invaluable.  What did your mom teach you about character and grace?  And faith?

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Secrets of a Southern Lady
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