that’s a good egg


I love eggs.

Any kind, really: the Cadberry chocolate kind, the dyed kind, the painted kind….

IMG_3447 IMG_3457

I think we should keep them around all of the time, not just at Easter. They’re beautiful and delicate and something that would never survive two weeks at our house but something I love nonetheless. The Saurus is still too little to decorate his own eggs. Giving a one-year-old a bowl of dye sounds like the worst idea ever. He found one of my ink pads in my desk once and that was bad enough. Plus, he really just doesn’t care. So for this year, we have mama-decorated real eggs and plastic ones for him to find. And as much as I love decorating eggs, I didn’t want to devote a ton of time to this project, so I kept it simple and monogrammed them. I just used regular blown eggs (here’s a great tutorial that doesn’t use any special equipment if you need one) and monogrammed them with a gold sharpie. Yup, just that simple! It took maybe one minute and I love the way they turned out and they look so cute on our table. The rest of my decor is from World Market’s Easter collection-I love that store.


Here are some other ideas if you’re wanting to get a little more creative with your eggs:


1. sharpie eggs | 2. leaf print eggs | 3. a proper egg man

4. natural dyed eggs | 5. golden eggs | 6. speckled eggs

7. chocolate eggs | 8. subway print eggs | 9. bumblebee eggs


3 thoughts on “that’s a good egg

  1. When my kids were elementary age (but you could start it before…) we enjoyed dying a blown egg for each person in the family and letting each person paint (or draw, with fine-tipped markers) a scene or decor which commemorated an important event from that year. We kept the bestof those creations, dated them, sprayed them with a clear protectant, and stored them in egg cartons packed into a box. It is still a blessing, now that our kids are 19-27, together out our little Easter Egg Srap Book and put a few out (I use candle holders to display individual eggs.)

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