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[easter tag printable]

Holiday shopping for a one-year-old boy is hard.  Not because there aren’t enough options out there, but because they just really don’t care.  He has no idea it’s a holiday, much less what a present is.  But I care, so we do it anyway.  Such silliness but it’s fun!

Here are my picks for a one-year-old easter basket.  Some of these things the Saurus will be getting in his easter basket, and some of them we already have and love.  Since I will have already eaten all of the candy before he gets to the basket, he’ll get some applesauce and yogurt and possibly a blueberry muffin (his 3 favorite foods) and some cute character eggs to play with.  Yay!  We’ll put some eggs in his favorite hiding spots around the house, dress him up in suspenders, go to church, and enjoy one of the most joyful days of the year!

And in case you need a tag – I’ve included the printable version of the one I made at the top of the post – just download it, size it to what you need, and print!  Voila!

easter basket

basket from IKEA

1. latches board puzzle :: this is the best puzzle ever

2.sensory ball :: great texture for little hands – this is never far from the little guy

3. boon water bugs :: Saurus loves to play with these in the bathtub

4. the poky little puppy | peter rabbit | giraffes can’t dance  :: you can never have too many books!

5. character eggs :: the picture is poor but I picked these up at Target and think they’re just the cutest and they’re big so they can fit an applesauce pouch or toy car rather than candy

6. stacking animal blocks :: Saurus got these first his birthday from his godmother and I just love them – so does he!

7. carrot bath bubbles :: fun bubbles that won’t hurt little eyes

8. mini bashful bunny :: so soft and sweet and in a mini version to keep in the car

9. baseball cap :: keeps the summer sun off

10. silver dollar :: any occasion is a good occasion to give a keepsake – something that grows in value as they grow and has the year stamped so you’ll always remember

11. melissa and doug tool kit :: Saurus loves to hammer things so this is his big present this Easter – hope he likes it!


I love comments. Did you also threaten to burn down your kitchen? Do you know how to get dogs (or ducks) to stop digging holes? Please tell me about it.

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