cake-eating bonanza [slash] our family photos

We just got our photos from the Saurus’ cake-eating bonanza-slash-our family photos.  I have not been able to stop looking at them.  I had intended to keep these to myself but the little guy is too adorable not to share.  I really am one of those parents who is convinced that her child is the cutest and most outstanding and smartest and best at everything.  I hope the Saurus doesn’t catch on and let it go to his head.  That poor melon is plenty big already.

All photos are property of Lindsey Dutra Photography.  She is absolutely amazing and although she specializes in newborns (you have got to see some of these!), she does a great job with anyone.

The Saurus was having the grumpiest day ever but cheered up considerably when given a cake that he tried to fit entirely in his mouth all at once.  But then we kept making him take pictures instead of napping and that really didn’t go over well.  I’m so impressed that she managed to get even one good picture.  I love even the unhappy ones, though.  They’re great memories of a great day.

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Hunter_1y_12 Hunter_1y_19 Hunter_1y_26 Hunter_1y_33 Hunter_1y_38 Hunter_1y_46 Hunter_1y_09


3 thoughts on “cake-eating bonanza [slash] our family photos

    • Thanks! It was great. The cake was kind of a disaster…it wouldn’t get done in the middle so I ended up scooping out the goo and leaving it hollow, then I dropped it in the car…oy! But you’re right-makes for great memories! 🙂

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