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Secret time: I dislike my skin.  Quite a bit, actually.  Unfortunately, it’s not a secret anymore.  And now I’m showing you pictures of me without make-up.  Yeesh.  No one over the age of 17 should have acne; I’m definitely over 17 and I think acne will be my life-long curse.  I’ve tried everything from prescription medications to oils and nada.  But I keep trying!  So when friend recently asked me to review a product, I jumped at the chance.  Jenyfer is just a wonderful person in general and was a great help to me during my pregnancy – she has 4 beautiful kids and is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met.  So when she recommended this, I was pretty much already sold.  Then I talked to her sister, and her other sister, and they’re just as wonderful!  All of them have an evident passion for this product and company and have seen the results first-hand. You can’t argue with that!  I can say that this product has made a huge difference in their lives.  I think that’s cool.


I’ve been using Nerium every night for one month and here’s how it went:

Day 1: “Wow, they really want you to use a lot of this stuff.  Hopefully it lasts a month.”

Day 3:  “Acne isn’t worse.  That’s promising.”

Day 5: “You know, I think my skin looks brighter”

Day 10: “I thought I had bags under my eyes – where’d they go?”

Day 15: “Acne still isn’t worse.  This is a very good sign.”

Day 20: “Acne isn’t better, but definitely not worse” At this point I added in some tea tree oil to my nightly routine.

Day 23: “Ooo….Goody!  No new spots!”

Day 25: “Mama –  you need to try this.”

Day 27: Mama: “This stuff is great!  I can tell a difference already!”

Day 28: Mama: “Tell your friend I love this!”

Day 29: “Yup, I want another bottle”

Day 30: “How is there still stuff left in this bottle?!”

My main skin complaints are acne and some giant forehead lines/wrinkles from looking confused all of the time about why I still have acne at not-17.  Oh, and dark circles under my eyes.  Because I don’t sleep.  Nerium did wonders for the dark circles (I should stop smiling in pictures if I really want them to go away) and definitely faded some acne scars.  The acne itself isn’t definitively better (yet) but it’s improving – adding the tea tree oil helped a lot and I’m giving it a shot for a second month to see if the improvement continues.  Everyone else can see a difference, I think I’m just overly critical about my face (…and my love handles…and my arms…and pretty much everything.)  Here are some (unedited) before & after pics so you can see for yourself.  I didn’t realize how good my results were until I saw these – I had to double-check to make sure I wasn’t wearing make-up in the “after” pics (just mascara – yay!).

nerium results

To put it simply:

Do I like Nerium? Yes.

Did it “fix” my acne? No. (Not yet.)

Is my face brighter and more glow-y? Yes.

Do I wish my results were as dramatic and quick as everyone else’s? Yes.

Will I continue to use it? Yes.

Will I recommend it to someone else?  Yes.

Is it worth the money?  If something can fix my face (ha), then any amount of money is worth it.

Does it bother me that the main anti-aging ingredient is the extremely poisonous oleander plant? Quite a bit.  I’m doing more research now to see exactly how I feel about this but it does make me quite a bit nervous to use something derived from a very deadly plant.

As part of this review, I received a free bottle of Nerium to try. I have purchased one other bottle on my own.

Would you like to fix your face? 

(I’m just kidding, I’m sure you all have beautiful faces)  Since I think you should all give it a try, Jenyfer kindly set up a website for me so that you can check out Nerium for yourself.  Go to  And Jenyfer would love to talk to you about it, if you have any questions!  Her number is 240-444-3258 and her e-mail is

Here’s what others have to say about it:

Here’s what Mama thinks (after one week): “I like it!  I can really feel it tightening my skin and I love how silky it feels.”

And this review is timely since NeriumAD has a special deal right now:

nerium flyer


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