happy birthday, saurus!


Thanks so much to everyone who wished the Saurus a “Happy Birthday” and entered our giveaway! It was so fun – congrats to the winner, Abby!

Saurus’ actual birthday was Friday, the 7th, but we had a great weekend filled with birthday activities.



We did not, however, have a party. Shocking, I know, since parties are kind of my thing. But let’s face it, he’s one. In my opinion, the whole point of having a one-year-old birthday party is for adults to hang out and that’s kind of impossible when there’s a toddler to chase. So, no party. At least in the traditional sense and with real people, I mean. I did care a lot about having a special weekend to celebrate this family milestone. So, we invited all of Saurus’ favorite things instead and I made them all miniature party hats and we opened presents and ate Saurus’ favorite dinner (chicken and rice casserole).



Then on Saturday, we did family pictures and had a cake for him at the photographer’s studio. Bless her heart, she let him paint her floors with cake and then bathe in her sink. I can’t wait to see how they turned out – the sneak peeks she posted are the best things I’ve ever seen!



That morning, however, was not our smoothest. We scheduled pictures for late morning, after Saurus usually wakes up from his nap. Wouldn’t you know it, that was the day he didn’t nap. Until we got in the car, of course. I made a giant funfetti cupcake cake for him (which was a disaster in and of itself-funfetti is my nemesis-but was salvaged to be adorable). I carefully held the cake until we got there – then promptly dumped it in my lap, thus ruining the cake and my outfit. I may or may not have handled the situation with grace. (I did not)

mediumBoth were (again) salvaged and Lindsey worked her photography magic to make it look cute and Saurus deemed it delicious and devoured it in the most precious way possible. Throughout the weekend, everyone wore their party hats and I snapped as many pictures as my camera would hold. I think it was a smashing success (no pun intended).


1. Riding his new birthday trike (not a fan)

2. Everyone partied hard

3. Presents as big as your head

4. Having a birthday snack

5. I wanted to wake Saurus up with balloons on his actual birthday but he was still asleep when I left for work so I snapped this one instead.

6. Everyone wears party hats.  Everyone.

7. Watching a birthday movie.  Don’t mind the Christmas jammies – they’re favorites.

8. Chillin’ with Mr. Guin and Mr. Trunks.
Husband has named all of the Saurus’s friends:
Husband (to Saurus): How’s Mr. Guin?
Me: Who’s Mr. Guin?
Husband: The penguin. He’s Asian.
Me: First name Pin? As in, “Guin, Pin Guin”
Husband: Konichiwa, Mr. Guin.

9. Yet another birthday snack which he procured for himself by opening the pantry door, rifling through the bin of baby food, and finding his favorite flavor of applesauce, opening said pouch of applesauce, and eating it.  I’m only slightly afraid of how smart this kid is.

What an adventure the first year has been! Looking forward to many more! We love you, little man!

(If you’re new to chuck&welly, you can find his newbie pics here.)

IMG_3239 IMG_3224

The Saurus is really into books right now and really not into sitting still. This was the best I could do…


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