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Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe & Elah Tree are hosting a cooking challenge.  Naturally, I’m participating.  Because I have nothing else to do with my time.  Ha!  But seriously – I’m loving this because it gives me some inspiration and I … Continue reading

do what you love

I’ve heard that when you start a business (or a blog, in this case), you should focus your energy on being really good at one thing rather than branching out and being half-good at a lot of things.  I don’t much care for that philosophy.  Which is why I’m not the Hunter with a business degree.  I like doing what I love.  And I just happen to love a lot of things.

love what you do

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I love baking.  I always have and, hopefully, always will.  So I write about that.

I love paper.  I always have and actually started a card business when I was young and my mama’s friends were sweet enough to support me in my childish endeavors.  So I write about that.

I love history and politics.  But that’s inflammatory so I don’t write about that.  At least not here.  Much.

I love babies.  This is actually a recent development, but I write about that too.

I love life, and Texas, and stories.  So I write about that.

I love God and my family.  So that permeates all of my writing.

I also love change.  And surprises.  And baby animals and Dr. Pepper and sunshine and books and pretty things and just about everything else.

The point being that I will probably never settle (and thus never have a profitable business, if I listen to what the suited-people tell me) and I’m okay with that.  This blog is about life, and baking, and babies, and paper, and adventure, and marriage, and stories, and just about everything.  And I like it.  And I’m keeping it.  So you just never know what might show up in a post!

Like today, when the thought struck me to share some of my favorite fonts with y’all.  I have spent entirely too much time downloading fonts (which is probably why I keep killing computers, now that I think about it…) and often get asked where I get them all.  So, I’m sharing just a few of my current favorites.  Maybe this will become a thing.  Maybe it won’t.  But for now, it’s typeface tuesday!

favorite fonts

use these links to get them for yourself:

angelique ma douce

pw dotted

cursive option

serial publication


pea sunshine

kg happy

capture it