month eleven


month eleven

Oh my gosh.  What happened?  When did I lose my baby and get a toddler?!

weight: 28 lbs
length: 32 inches



  • Six teeth!  Now we have to brush our teeth…and we are not fans.  I say we to indicate all of the Hunters.  No one is happy during teeth-brushing time.
  • Drinks from cups, eats adult food, takes over the world….
  • Loves to climb things.  Anything, really.  If it can be climbed or stood upon or knocked over in order to be climbed or stood upon, it will happen.  He pulls papers off the table and DVDs out of the cabinet, just to stack them up so he can stand on them.  Weirdo.
  • Such a walker!  He loves to practice and is so proud when he does it – after he falls, he looks around to make sure someone claps for him.
  • Love cuddling and hugs.
  • He is just so sweet and plays by himself when we’re busy (unless we’re working on the computer- then he’s relentless)
  • His favorite foods are goldfish crackers and ravioli.


  • Most of the challenges are with me, not the Saurus.  I am honestly having such a hard time wrapping my head around having a toddler that doesn’t need bottles or baby food and has to wear shoes.  It’s such an effort to remind myself to make him meals rather than just giving him a purée or a bottle or to have him wear shoes when we go outside or to remember to brush his teeth.  I’m not sure I was ready for this or even knew where to begin.  I was somehow delusional and thought that he’d be a baby until someday, a couple of years from now, when he’d be a toddler.  I suppose I associated toddler-hood with a walking, talking mini-human, not the sweet, drooly, cuddle bug that I have.  It totally hit me like a ton of bricks this month.  Ah!
  • Not a fan of giving up bottles.  I think that kid would have a bottle for every meal if I’d let him.
  • LOVES typing on the computer.  Husband and I find it impossible to get any work done if the Saurus is awake and it involves a computer.  He’s relentless.
  • Hates BBQ.  This is a heartbreak to me.
  • month 11


  1. Straw Cup.  We’ve been trying a sippy cup for a few months but it never really caught on as a drinking device, mostly just as a waving-around device.  Another mom turned me on to the straw cup and that is like magic.  Now we consume water, milk, and juice! Yay!  Finding leak-proof ones are hard but this is the best we’ve found so far.
  2. Anamalz Wooden Animals.  We’re working on his collection – right now he has a llama and a dinosaur and loves them both.  They’re great pocket toys to keep in the car or diaper bag and pull out in case of emergency.  Like, if the car is getting an oil change and 20 more minutes of distraction are needed…
  3. Blankets.  Saurus is into blankets now.  I thought that would be a newborn thing that went away after a few months but it’s the opposite in our house: he started out hating them, then went to indifference, and now adores them and prefers to have one at all times.  The fluffier and thicker, the better.  Of course, he sweats to death so I swap out the fluffy ones for a light one after he falls asleep…
  4. Baby Sperry’s.  I’m sure I’ve already mentioned these but I just got the Saurus a new pair for our family pics next month and they’re even cuter, if that’s possible!
  5. Raincoat.  The rest of the country has had snow, we’ve had rain.  While it’s better than freezing to death, staying dry is now a priority.  I love this litte raincoat from Old Navy – it’s coming in handy!
  6. Kitchen Colander.  Or anything that can be found in the kitchen cabinets, actually…Such a versatile device: it can be used as a hat, a chew toy, a car, a chair…
  7. Big Red Barn.  I loved this book when I was little and ordered it for Saurus.  Funny story, I accidentally ordered the ginormous one (like they use in classrooms) but Saurus really loves it.  We keep it under his crib and he goes right for it and brings it to us and read over and over and over.
  8. GoGo Applesauce.  I stock up on these whenever they’re on sale at Target and the Saurus sucks ’em down.  Great snacks for car rides since he can eat them himself (and usually doesn’t make a mess) while we drive



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