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I was going to save this post for the 14th…I really was. But then I realized I have zero patience, even less self-control, and even fewer brain cells dedicated to remembering to do things. So, today it is!



I mentioned before that valentine’s day isn’t really my thing. Until now…(dun, dun, dun). I think that what really happened was I wanted an excuse to send out more pictures of my ridiculously cute offspring. I made a vague attempt to not be one of those parents who talks about how adorable their child is all of the time but I failed miserably and am now embracing it. Sorry, internet. (And all of the people who read this)




These are not professional photographs…these are me in the living room with a camera while the nekkid Saurus played on a blanket. He was a shockingly good sport about the whole thing but I think that was mostly because he didn’t have to wear a diaper and he LOVES that. Parental tip: if you want little boys to be cooperative, tell them they don’t have to wear clothes. You’ll be amazed at what they’ll do.



Husband bought me a subscription to Adobe Cloud to try and I figured I’d give some of the photo editing a shot on these…so I downloaded Photoshop to my tiny, worthless laptop…and immediately overwhelmed the poor thing so thoroughly that it now takes 5 minutes to open anything and I can’t even open the new programs. So, fail. It’s no secret that I’m bad with technology but probably for reasons like this:

Husband: Can you make sure and shut down the computer before bed so it can update?
Me: Yup!
[computer beep]
Husband: What did you just do?
Me: Turned off the computer.
Husband: …how…?
Me: Pushed the big blue button.
Husband: Wrong. You need to go through the menu and shut it down properly so it can update.
Me: What’s an update? Why doesn’t it come ready to work?
Husband: Is this what you’ve been doing all along?
Me: Yes. Turning off the computer.
Husband: You’re the worst. You’re just pulling life support, not rehabilitating.
Me: Oh. Oops.


I have since been promised an office and a new computer at our new house and seriously cannot wait. All of my computer problems aside, here are some precious photos of my dude along with his valentines.


I’ll put these little cards on my Etsy shop (and in my portfolio) later today!

IMG_2874 IMG_2876 IMG_2880IMG_2873


4 thoughts on “XOXO

  1. absolutely adorable. We just found out our next grandchild is a boy, so after having a girl to pamper for 3 years, and raising 4 boys…I am actually getting excited knit, sew and create boy stuff again…thanks for the inspiration as always!

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