month ten

month 10

month ten

I suppose it’s time I stop trying to still convince myself I have a newborn…

weight: 26ish lbs.  He’s still a very round fellow but he’s growing faster in length than width…
length32 inches



  • First steps!! He took his first steps the day he turned 10 months.  Not too shabby for someone who the doctors repeatedly tell us will be slow developmentally (not that we listen to them, anyway).  He’s up to about 7 steps at a time now before he realizes crawling is faster and switches to that.
  • Loves mouths.  It’s weird.  Is that a normal baby thing?  He won’t get his hands out of our mouths – he loves to give thorough dental examinations.
  • So snuggly!  He’s all about hugs and kisses right now.
  • We all had a wonderful Christmas: ‘Saurus saw snow for the first time (and was confused by it) and opened presents.  And by opened, I mean, he got distracted by the packaging halfway in and proceeded to just play with that instead.
  • He was the most handsome little ring bearer ever at AK’s gorgeous wedding.  I was all worried he’d try to roll out of his wagon, or yell, or something, but he sat perfectly still in his bowtie like a perfect gentleman…and I forgot to take his pacifier and it’s in all of the pictures…oops.



  • Sleeping still tops the list. (Does it ever not?!) He’s down to usually only one wake-up a night and usually doesn’t need food, so that’s progress…
  • Into everything.  Not surprising but I don’t think I understood the magnitude of babyproofing.  As soon as we think we’re safe, he learns how to open the fridge…and the drawers…and the trashcan…and DVD cases…and floor vents….
  • Loves to stand thisclose to the TV to watch movies.  I’m sure he’d climb on top of the TV if he could figure out how to get there.  And he loves to stand on things…like DVD cases and all of the diapers he pulled out of the bin.  It was adorable the first time and now I can’t wait to teach him to pick up after himself.  (yes, I realize that will never happen)
  • Stair-climbing.  In moments of weakness, when I forget to obstruct his path, he makes a b-line for the stairs and is 3 stairs up before I can catch him.  He thinks it’s a fun game.  I think it’s a work out so I guess we both win in the long run.

month ten-page-001


  1. Cloud b Twilight Turtle.  This is so fun!  It shows the stars on the ceiling and you can program it with your own music.  If only I could figure out what a bluetooth is, I could use that feature….
  2. These stuffed animals.  ‘Saurus got a dinosaur (‘Saurus has a ‘Saurus!) and a moose for Christmas and hasn’t let go of them since.  They (and his little hammer – see number 5) go everywhere with us.
  3. Haba toys.  We were shopping in the baby store and while I was looking at something else, he plucked this right off the shelf and had it in his mouth in about .4 seconds.  Awesome.  But he loves this thing and it didn’t break the bank so everyone wins
  4. Sippy Cup.  Mostly he just waves this around and only drinks a few sips.  Thus, we have done intensive testing on the “no leak” promise of sippy cups.  This one and Tommee Tippee live up to their promises.
  5. This little sweater.  My parents brought this back for him from Paris and I am trying to figure out how to get one in every size because I don’t want him to grow out of it.  It’s hilarious and absolutely adorable.  (They sell one similar at Gap)
  6. Stuffed Animal Chair.  We replaced the beloved bouncer chair with a stuffed elephant one and ‘Saurus loves it.  The one we got from Costco is cuter and was about $100 cheaper than this one but they don’t have them anymore.  Sadness.  But I’m putting it here anyway in case they come back.  This is the closest thing I could find in the mean time.
  7. California Baby Bubble Bath.  This is advertised as making cranky babies happy.  I’m not sure about all that, but it does smell amazing, makes great bubbles, and comes with a little bubble wand.  How cute is that?  I realize that I’m probably paying $12 for the wand and $.75 for the actual soap but whatever.  It smells too good to stop.  And does not make my baby cry when he rubs it in his eyes.  I like all of those things.
  8. Hape Pound and Tap Bench.  I love the idea of this, the Little Man just loves the hammer and wooden balls and practices hammering everything in sight: the TV, the table, his face, my face, etc….
  9. Joovy Nook High Chair.  Shoot me, I bought a white high chair.  And I love it.  Mostly because everything is machine washable and super easy to clean and it folds almost totally flat.  I’m not a high-chair expert but I have yet to find flaws with this one.






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