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day twenty-one :: guest post :: one chocolate, three treats

Kelly offered to do another post for me and naturally I jumped at the chance.  If you missed her first guest post, go back and see it here or check out her blog here and Etsy shop here.  These are perfect ideas for last-minute Christmas baking or gifts for those random co-workers.  Enjoy!
choc treat collage

We always have a lot of chocolate around our house. In his former occupation, my husband was a Chocolatire, so I guess he still is! (We just call him Willy Wonka). In experimenting and using up some of our chocolate supply to make Christmas treats I devised 3 recipes from the same batch of melted chocolate…..
Peppermint Bark is always a holiday favorite. I found
this awesome easy to make mold at World Market. These Hot Cocoa sticks I found on 30 Pounds of Apples blog, and the “Reindeer Chow” is a great way to use up the leftovers after making the other 2 things… here are the recipes:


Make your Chocolate mix:

Approximately 5-6 cups of Chocolate – Your choice what kind. I used Milk Chocolate because that is what I had, you can use chocolate chips, or go gourmet and use really nice chocolate bars, or mix it up.

Place the chocolate in a bowl, or top of a double boiler (you can also microwave-1 minute at a time and stir well in between zaps) heat the chocolate till melted and smooth.

Remove chocolate from heat and add to it 1 1/2 cups of cocoa powder and 2-3 cups powdered sugar. Stir, stir, stir and press against the side of the bowl to work out the lumps. That is pretty much it for the hard part!

cstir cocoa

This is your basic chocolate mix, and now the individual how to’s:

Hot Cocoa on a Stick

cocoa stick collage

I made the cocoa on a stick first. If you go to the original blog post, she pipes the chocolate in with a pastry bag, but I hate washing chocolate out of a pastry bag, so I tried a spoon and it worked just as well. I am sure it was a little sloppier, but the excess chocolate just pops right off when you un-mold.

Fill each cubicle (I found these perfectly square trays here) with your chocolate mix, leave a little room at the top. Insert a stick (found these cute ones here) and surround with 4 mini marshmallows. To use them you simply pop in a cup of hot milk and stir! Fun for kids and grown ups!

Leave them to harden in a cool place for several hours, and then get a strong person to help you pop those suckers out, as it is a little hard at first!

hot cocoa

I packaged two stick together with a little note and directions saying pop one stick into 1 cup hot milk and stir.

Peppermint Bark

You will need 2-3 giant candy-canes, or several small ones, or enough crushed peppermint candy to make 1 1/2 cups. This is all approximate, and you can use as much or little as you like in your bark.

peppermint bark

With more of your chocolate mix, spread a thin-ish layer of chocolate in the mold. In a separate bowl scoop out most of the remaining chocolate. (you need about 1/2 left in your melting bowl for the reindeer chow). Add 1 cup of your crushed candy cane to the chocolate.

I crush my candy-canes in a bag made of PUL which is lead, BPA and Phaelate free, not to mention re usable. You can custom order one in my shop 🙂 LilStuff

Spread this candy-cane mix chocolate on top of your smooth chocolate in the mold. It doesn’t have to be all the way full, just try and make it even. Spread the remaining crushed candy on top of the chocolate and lightly press in so it sticks. You can also drizzle some chocolate on top, or you can wait for your first layer to harden, then add a layer of white chocolate and the candy canes. These bars are fairly easy to pop out of the mold. The first go round I made them too thin, so I broke the corners off, but any broken bars can be broken up and bagged as peppermint bark as well.

Reindeer Chow

c reindeer chow

Step 1:  This is the messy project…. to start place a large sheet of wax paper on your counter and sprinkle 1-2 cups powdered sugar on it.

Step 2: For the last treat and to use up all that remaining chocolate. You need some type of cereal; I used oatmeal squares because I like them. Chex, Crispex or anything like that will also work. Toss about 3-4 cups into your remaining chocolate. Stir to coat.

Step 3: Get ready to get your hands messy. Gently pour out the chocolate coated cereal onto your wax paper. Toss with your hands to separate and coat all pieces with powdered sugar

Leave your chow on the wax paper until the chocolate hardens. You can then re coat it with more powdered sugar to give it that white snowy look.


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