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day twelve :: guest post :: stocking stuffers

I was going to write a post about gifts because I always find them so difficult.  Gift-giving is my love language so I obsess over what to get for whom and how to wrap it, etc.  As I started to make my list, I just decided to steal borrow share this one from Making Mondays (with permission) for some great stocking-stuffer ideas.  Later on, I’ll add my own gift list, but these are great!

Kimmy, from Making Mondays, is a recent transplant from New Mexico to LA and an Etsy shop owner. She likes to make crafts, grow plants, and cook. She is also a proud supporter of the United States Postal Service and has a golden retriever named Chunk. He was named after Chunk from The Goonies was supposed to learn the truffle shuffle, but that never came to be. He does what he wants.  You can find her really fun blog here and her cute Etsy shop here

Hopefully you find something for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list!

stuff it (the stockings, I mean…)

stocking stuffers for him

I went to the mall this past weekend and it was packed. Having a flashback to last year, I decided I need to get all my Christmas shopping done ASAP. I don’t want to step foot in a store after Thanksgiving. No parking garage traffic jams, crowded stores, and mile-long lines for me.

So this week I got right to work figuring out who/what I needed. Luckily I don’t have many people to shop for as most of my family/friends will be getting handmade gifts or paintings. Just my boyfriend’s stocking, his little sister, and both our mom’s birthdays (which happen to be on Christmas Eve and Christmas).

This is what I’m thinking for my boyfriend’s stocking this year.

Stocking Stuffers for Him from

Stocking Stuffers for Him by Making Mondays

Stocking Stuffers for Him from MakingMondays

Stocking Stuffers for Her

My stocking stuffer giveaway is over and the winner was notified this morning by email. Thank you all for participating. It was quite successful and I will definitely be doing it again!

With stockings and Christmas on the brain, here are some things I want stocking stuffer ideas for the twenty-something, creative woman you know hear that Chris?. Perhaps you’ll see a few things you need to pass on to your own personal Santa.

Stocking Stuffer for Her by Making Mondays



For all the links and a lot more ideas check out my ever-growing pinterest boards:

Stocking Stuffers for Her


Stocking Stuffers for Him


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