month nine



day eleven :: nine months

It’s the Saurus’ first Christmas!

weight: 25.6 Such a big guy!
length: 31 inches



  • Working on the walking.  I expect he’ll be there any day now.  Or maybe two months from now.  I’m really unsure about baby development.
  • Getting sweeter and cuter by the day!
  • He’s discovered being ticklish which is hilarious
  • Loves playing games that involve him being upside-down.  And by games, I mean flipping off and out of everything he can climb.
  • Two and a half teeth!


  • The sleeping thing is better most nights and horrific on others.  So far, lavender oil on his feet at bedtime seems to be the best thing (plus some mom cuddles!)
  • Is more aware of the world around him.  Which is cute except that it means he gets mad when he doesn’t get his way and really likes waitresses.
  • That cold is a doozy!  It was gone and now it’s back and came to infect all of us.  It’s mostly gone again but we cannot WAIT for Christmas vacation – many naps are planned.
  • Eating things.  As in, everything: cords, trees, shoes, rugs, tables, bobby pins, glasses….just as soon as we think we’ve baby-proofed the house, he comes up with something new that we didn’t even know we owned.  What a kook.

9 months

favorites: (as voted on by Mom)  Yay Christmas!

  1. Radio Flyer Walker Wagon.  This was supposed to be a Christmas Present but since we don’t want to haul a bunch of stuff back and forth to Montana, we’ve been having Christmas all month.  The ‘Saurus doesn’t know any different – only that he’s happy and now more mobile.  He loves pushing this thing around.
  2. The Jolly Christmas Postman.  This series is a favorite and the Christmas edition is no exception
  3. An Otis Christmas.  We love books.  We love Christmas.  We love Otis.  Therefore, we love an Otis Christmas Book.  Simple as that.
  4. Elf Hat.  Because what baby doesn’t look adorable in a hand-made hat?!  LC Crochet makes all of our favorites (football, sock monkey, giraffe…) and she is wonderful about the ridiculous special order requests I make 🙂
  5. Soft “Snow” Boots.  Since we’ll be making a sojurn to the arctic north for Christmas, I’ve been on the hunt for warm things to stuff my little butterball into.  I’ve been the most pleased with everything we’ve gotten from Old Navy, of all places.  Their little boots are soft and easy to get on, but lined with fuzzy warm stuff.  These probably aren’t waterproof so we won’t be trekking through the snow in them, but they’re the best thing I’ve found for keeping fat little feet warm.  And they stay on for more than 2 minutes,which is a ‘Saurus record.
  6. Discovery Toys Links.  These were a favorite when we were kids and they’re a favorite now.  Don’t tell the ‘Saurus that he’s getting them in his stocking….
  7. Flannel One Piece.  We had one of these for the little dude when he was an itty-baby and I loved it (for the one day he was in temperatures under 75).  I stocked up this year – super convenient since it’s a one-piece, looks fancy (until he wipes applesauce on it), and super warm and cozy.  Triple-win
  8. Arthur Christmas.  We have a long list of favorite Christmas movies (Elf, The Polar Express, White Christmas…) but Arthur is pretty much on repeat in our house.
  9. Christmas Pajamas.
     I love Christmas pajamas!  And these are for whole-family matching.  Husband hates us.



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