husband ate it all


day 2: peppermint white chocolate kettle corn


My mother in law sent me a bag of peppermint white chocolate popcorn for my birthday.  Husband ate it all.  And then asked for more.  I figured it would make a quick and easy holiday snack so I was okay with that.



He’s not the only fan.  It never lasts long around here!  And I’m okay with that since it takes under 5 minutes to make.  Those are the best.  It’s now a staple around our house and I keep a little bowl of it on the counter for Husband now. He’s okay with that.


peppermint white chocolate kettle corn

1 bag microwave kettle corn
1/3 C white chocolate, melted

1/2 tsp peppermint extract

1. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your timers!
2. Pop kettle corn according to package directions. (approx 2.3 minutes)
3. Stir together melted chocolate and peppermint extract. (.3 minutes)
4. Dump kettle corn out on a piece of parchment paper and spread it around to ensure maximum chocolate coverage. (.5 minutes)
5. Drizzle white chocolate mixture over popcorn – make sure and get all of the pieces! (1 minute)
6. Top with sprinkles because they’re cute. (.2 minutes)
7. And there you have it: a festive snack in under 4 minutes. Win.




2 thoughts on “husband ate it all

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