comfort and joy

comfort and joy

Welcome to the Christmas Countdown, chuckandwelly style. Because Christmas is my favorite. And because I’ve been planning this all year. Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve been planning this for two weeks. And by “planning”, I mean thinking about making cookies. The grand schedule calls for a post a day but let’s be honest, I don’t have that kind of time. Some days you might just get the number seven.   Because life just happens and babies need mamas, not bloggers.  Thankfully, I’ve tricked some really lovely people into helping so stay tuned for guest posts sprinkled in! Christmas, to me, is about a wonderful time of year where we focus on what’s really important in life: presents and cookies. Just kidding (although presents and cookies are rather important to me), I love Christmas because of the fellowship. I love the warm spirit and the “Merry Christmas”es and the lights and cheer and family and worship of the greatest gift of all. In keeping with that theme, this month is a community project, complete with ideas, recipes, and traditions from all over, in the hopes that your home would, too, be filled with comfort and joy.

Merry Christmas!


day one: christmas bucket list

Me: Do you want to do an advent calendar this year?
Husband: No. I’m bad at those.
Me: But I love them.
Husband: Well, you won’t be getting any stuff.
Me: Thanks, Scrooge.

It’s true, though. We have a beautiful advent calendar that I pull out every year and I dutifully fill the odd-numbered days with goodies for Husband (he’s supposed to do the even-numbered ones for me). I get so excited for each little box but what actually ends up happening is that Husband never opens his and forgets to fill 99% of mine. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to create a new system: The Christmas Bucket List.

Rather than trying to find 25 little presents (which really is a headache), we’re having a list of 25 things to do this month. Another cute idea would be to write each family member notes for every day or a verse from the Christmas Story. And by “we”, I mean mostly me, the ‘Saurus because he has no choice and doesn’t know what’s going on anyway, and Husband when he remembers that it’s my favorite time of year and I bribe him with cookies. Since we already have a beautiful calendar, I’ve put something in each day, but since our schedule is so unpredictable, I imagine there will be a lot of adjustments. It might have been better to just put them in a jar and pick one out at random, but then I wouldn’t get to use my calendar and that was the whole point to begin with.

Here’s the Hunter House Bucket List:

1. Deck the halls. I’m assuming that means decorate the house. If it doesn’t, then we’re decorating anyway.
2. Write a letter to Santa.
3. Watch Arthur Christmas.
4. Watch Arthur Christmas again. (And maybe Elf if we get the time)
5. Buy presents for an Angel Tree child
6. Have a tree-lighting party.
7. Christmas Cookie-a-palooza (our recipe from last year is here)
8. Get a new candle that makes the house smell like Christmas.
9. Mail Christmas Cards.
10. By the drink of the person in line behind us at Starbucks.
11. Get a new Christmas album and play it on repeat in the car.
12. Watch The Polar Express
13. Get new Christmas pajamas.
14. Leave cookies for the mailman.
15. Go caroling. Or just listen to Christmas carols since neither of us can sing.
16. Put our change in the Salvation Army bucket.
17. Make paper snowflakes. Hang them before the ‘Saurus eats them.
18. Make gingerbread men. (recipe here)
19. Make a new hot chocolate recipe.
20. Tour the Christmas lights.
21. Read a new Christmas story to the ‘Saurus.
22. Read the Christmas story from Luke 2.
23. Bake Cinnamon Rolls (recipe here)
24. Go to a candlelight service.
25. Open presents. Aka, watch the ‘Saurus eat wrapping paper.

bucket list.png-2

And, for a little advent calendar inspiration, here are some really creative ones. If only I had the motivation….instead I’m sticking with our store-bought one. What do y’all do?

Chalkboard Tag Advent Calendar from The Painted Hive

Mantle Advent Calendar from House and Home via Little House Blog

Paper Bag Advent Calendar via Red Tricycle

The Beer Advent Calendar from 2 Little Hooligans via Dad-Camp

Countdown to Christmas from Paper Suite via Pinterest


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