month eight

month 8 016

eight months

It seems like we moved into a whole new stage of baby life overnight: trying to walk, drinking from cups, being more mobile, wearing shoes, etc…

weight: 25 lbs  ish.  He went to the doc this week and weighed in at 22 lbs.  no one believes that.
length: 30 inches

month 8 005


  • Getting more and more adventurous with the crawling, standing, and scooting.  It’s like he just woke up one day and decided he wanted to walk.  And climb stairs.  Welcome to the era of the baby gate.
  • Great eater.  Thankfully the only food he doesn’t like so far is strawberries.  I can live with that.
  • Loves bath time.  He’s learned to splash and baths have become so much fun (and so loud and….wet).  It’s all fun and games until he tries to stand up in the tub, slips, and gives Mom and Dad a heart attack.  Fun story about bath toys…did you know those foam things stick to your baby?!  So far Husband holds the record with 10 on The Tiny One at one time.
  • Two teeth!


  • Cold season.  It’s hit hard and hasn’t gone away yet.  Poor, snotty baby.  But is hasn’t dampened his spirits!
  • Sleeping.  Partially due to colds, teeth, and desire to practice standing, there is a serious lack of sleep going on right now in the Hunter House.  Which means there is a serious surplus of coffee.
  • Balance.  He has none which leads to a great number of falls, bumps, and bruises (nothing serious – just baby life).  He doesn’t seem to mind.

month 8 favorites

favorites: (as voted on by Mom)  Lots and lots of favorites this month!

  1. Recaro Car Seat.  One of the Hunters sits in a race-car seat.  The other two Hunters are jealous.  We transitioned to a big-boy car seat last month but wanted to give it a thorough test before I recommended it.  We all love it.  After a painstaking car-seat-research extravaganza, we settled on this one and I’m so glad we did.  Lightweight but still sturdy, adjustable body positions, comfy harness, still rear-facing, and matches the car.
  2. Foam Books.  The ‘Saurus LOVES these.  It’s always the first thing he grabs.
  3. Boon Bath Toy Storage.  Now that baths are more fun, we’ve been accumulating bath toys (rubber ducky is the current favorite) and needed a place to keep them besides the floor.  This little whale does the job perfectly.
  4. Sensory Tubes.  I friend told me about these so I ordered some and filled them with glitter, fake snow, bottlecaps, and cinnamon sticks.  So much fun to roll around!  And you can just re-fill them whatever you have lying around
  5. Monsters University.  Such an adorable movie!  It’s almost replaced Despicable Me as the most-watched thing in our house.
  6. Tula.  We finally broke down and bought a carrier.  I’d been hesitant since they’re a bit pricey and most only go up to 30/35 lbs (and I figured our guy would meet that quickly) and there are soooo many different kinds.  Then I discovered the toddler carrier from Tula and bit the bullet.  Since the ‘Saurus is still young, I did a lot of measuring and talking with the company to make sure the larger size was appropriate for us.  It was and the little guy loves it.  I was nervous since we have a very active baby who likes to face outwards and explore things for himself, but he just snuggles on in and takes a nap.  It’s great.  He gets a little sweaty when Husband carries him, but is perfectly fine with me, both on the front and the back.  It’s awesome.
  7. Citrus Lane.  For $25, this company will ship you a box of baby stuff (suited to your baby’s age) once a month.  Last month was our first one and we’re sold.  We got some great toys, gripe water, and teething crackers and all items received rave reviews.
  8. Ella’s Kitchen.  I make most of the ‘Saurus’ food but sometimes it’s just more convenient to grab something that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  This company makes all of the favorite ‘Saurus flavors.  There are some other great brands, but we keep coming back to Ella’s for our favorites: teething cookies, pouches, flavored baby cereal, etc.  We haven’t tried anything we haven’t loved.
  9. Hats!  Nothing cuter than a baby in a hat

bath 007

month 8 021



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