month seven

month seven 002

seven months

Another month down….

weight: 25.2 lbs
length: 30.6 inches


  • Obsessed with Despicable Me.  He gets soooo excited when he even hears the first note of the theme song.
  • Houston, we have a tooth!! After months of drooling, fussy, up-all-night, the first one is finally here!
  • Pulls himself to standing.  Which I found out when I found him crawling out of his crib.  Oops.
  • Really into food.  He stole a handful of Husband’s Chipotle today…the spicy salsa wasn’t his favorite, but he kept going back for more. (no, we didn’t give it to him.)
  • Still super cute!  Everyone stops us to say how precious and sweet and handsome he is.  Naturally, we think they’re underestimating him.  We’re not biased at all.
  • “Talks” a lot.  In typical small man fashion, he babbles and makes mouth sounds all day.  There is no question whose kid this is….I have a ton of hilarious videos of him telling stories.  He also feels the need to out-yell and mimic any noise.  Blender? yup.  Vacuum?  He’s got it down.  Singing him to sleep?  He sings himself to sleep.  The little dude knows some pretty good songs.


  • Mobility.  This is only a challenge for us as we try to keep track of him.  (And yes, we know it will get worse.) He can actually crawl but is much faster at scooting so usually low crawls everywhere.  He’s sneaky fast.  You turn your back for one second to pour a cup of coffee and the next thing you know, he’s 20 feet away and in the coffee table.  Yes, in.
  • Super lazy.  He can do a lot of things for himself – put his arms through sleeves (as in, you get a shirt over his head and he does the rest himself), hold a bottle, use a spoon – but he prefers to have someone else do it for him.  What a weirdo.
  • Teething.  Which leads to drooling, and no sleeping, and a bloody mouth which scared me half to death when I saw him spit blood.  Turns out he bit his tongue with his one tooth.  How does that even happen?!
  • Lack of diaper absorbancy.  We have yet to find a diaper (cloth, disposable, etc) that can make it through the night.  We’ve changed a lot of sheets, pajamas, and washed grumpy babies at 3 am just due to diaper failure.

month seven

favorites: (as voted on by Mom)

  1. Puffs!  This little guy loves them.  He loves eating them and throwing them and spitting them out.  But mostly eating.  Blueberry is his favorite but he’s not picky.
  2. Mesh Teether.  We put ice in these and it helps that tiny mouth feel better
  3. Boppy Bounce in Comfort Chair.  This was a hand-me-down from a friend and has been a favorite since day one.  He now crawls into it by himself to watch his movie and eat puffs.  We run a tight ship.
  4. Baby Giraffe!  I’m not really a fan of Halloween but I can’t wait to see the ‘Saurus in this!  Eep!
  5. Shopping Cart Cover.  Such a life saver.  And has little snappy things to attach toys so they don’t fall out of the cart when the ‘Saurus practices his throwing arm.
  6. Taggies Football.  Clips on to stuff.  Has tags (another ‘Saurus favorite). And it’s a football.  What’s not to love?
  7. Baby Sweater. There are not many things cuter than a baby in argyle.  I recently discovered H&M has baby clothes and I’m in love.  Best jeans, sweaters, and cuteness!

month seven 004

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