month six

six months 013

six months

Our precious dude is six (plus) months old!  Crap, now we’re going to have to have another one of these things (eventually!) so I can use all of those cute little shirts and socks that he outgrew too quickly.

weight: 24 lbs.  Feels like 50.
length: 30 inches.  Or thereabouts.

six months 031


  • Road-trippin’ Champ!  He totally rocked the cross-country circus that was our lives for a few weeks.
  • Growing like a weed.  He literally outgrew ALL of his clothes in one week.  All of them.
  • Eats everything.  So far, it looks like he takes after his dad’s tastes, not his mom’s.  Hallelujah.
  • Sits up and puts his own pacifier in now.  Huge time saver for us!
  • Still a super-snuggler.  No complaints here.
  • Remembers where he put things.  Which is cute when he looks for his toys and not so cute when he looks for his bottle three minutes after he put it down and seeing it makes him think he’s hungry.
  • Growls at everyone.  (That might be a negative.  Right now it’s cute but it might not be when he’s 7)  My mom taught his how to growl like a bear (Sic ‘Em, Bears!) and it’s now his standard form of communication.  He tenses up his arms, gives you the staredown, and says “grrrrrrrrrrrr”


  • Finding clothes that fit.  I have one of those fat chunky round babies, which is not really a size in which baby clothes are made.  He’s too big for anything under 12 month but he’s not long and skinny like the older babies are.  Good thing he’s naked most of the time anyway.
  • Staying out of the corners of the crib.  The Little Dude flops and scoots in his sleep until he wedges himself in an uncomfortable spot and starts grunting until one of us comes to rescue him.  Every hour, all night long.  I think I’m going to sew Velcro to the sheets and the back of his pajamas and then stick him in one spot so he can’t go anywhere.  Actually, that might work…..
  • Dislikes swimming (even in warm pools) but loves baths.  Weird.

month six

favorites: (as voted on by Mom)

  1. Sophie Blocks.  Those French people sure know their baby toys.  Squishy enough to fit in a mouth and be flung at heads without damage but sturdy enough to still be a firm, block shape.
  2. Baby Paper.  Some genius thought this up.  The plus (for us)/minus (for ‘Saurus) is that it doesn’t tear.  He’s slightly annoyed by its indestructability
  3. Sleep sacks.  I think these are supposed to be for itty-bitty babies but we never used them until he outgrew all of his pajamas and we couldn’t find any more that fit.  Now he sleeps in just a t-shirt and a sleep sack.  He’s happy.
  4. iPad car case.  Now he can watch Pooh in the car (brilliant after hour 7 of roadtrip where he can only see the seat in front of him.  Darn carseat).  This one is especially great – fits every car I can think of and the iPad slips in and out so easily.
  5. BoB Revolution.  It only took us 6 months and a visit to my grandfather to learn that the front wheel unlocks.  Now we feel like idiots but love our stroller.
  6. A toothbrush.  We have a fantastic number and variety of toys for the kiddo.  His favorite?  A toothbrush.  (It was clean and new, don’t worry).  I’m sure all of those rubber bristles feel good on his soon-to-be-acquired teeth.  Seconded by dog toys…
  7. Petsmart.  Please don’t report me, but we took the ‘Saurus toy shopping.  At Petsmart.  We actually took the dogs to get baths, but then the dude discovered so many things he loved (encouraged, I’m sure, but my mother).  There were great things for chewing and squeaking and pulling – all of his favorite activities.  So now, our baby plays with dog toys.  And loves them.  And crawls around with them in his mouth.  I’m pretty sure he learned that from Ranger…I’m also considering getting him a giant dog bed for naps.  Those things are awesome – super fluffy and cozy and with tall sides so he can’t scoot away.  It’s pretty brilliant.  Those baby-toy-making people need to get on it.  The pet-toy-making people have them beat.  Also dog gates > baby gates.
  8. six months 025

I love comments. Did you also threaten to burn down your kitchen? Do you know how to get dogs (or ducks) to stop digging holes? Please tell me about it.

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