month four

4 months 014

four months

When did I get a four-month-old?!  I could have sworn we just left the hospital.  Figured I would have caught up on sleep by now and gotten back in shape.  No bueno.

weight: 17 lbs.  We had some friends over with their toddler.  They were the same size.
length: 25.5 inches.  He definitely got the tall genes.


  • Still eats every meal like it’s his last.  Dude loves milk.
  • Rolls over.  Yay! (Also, Boo!  See below)
  • Found his feet and just likes to hold them and rock back and forth.  I think he learned it from watching me do yoga.
  • Gets more and more interactive every day.  He recognizes and reaches for his favorite toys and people (which is mostly Husband and Mortimer and never me.  Excellent)
  • Apparently he started crawling yesterday according to Husband.  Naturally I wasn’t home to see it so I don’t believe it.  I’m determined to not miss every milestone.  So far I’m batting 1.000 for missing everything.


  • Rolls over.  Un-awesome because he’s never in the same place I left him and he loves to practice when he’s supposed to be sleeping.
  • Still not a fan of the crib.  Ugh.  45 minutes of sleeping (with many more minutes of yelling) there is our record.
  • Gets too distracted while eating and spills milk everywhere.  I cry a little inside every time.  Sometimes, I cry on the outside, too.
  • Teething is unfortunate.  He’s a good sport but ready for that phase to be over already.  Good thing we only have 12 more months of that.
  • We go through an incredible amount of outfits per day.  Good thing he has so many.
  • Loves to sleep with things on his face.  Which is cute until he can’t breathe.  He somehow sneaks them into his bed.  I don’t know where they come from.

favorites: (as voted on by Mom)

  1. Tommee Tippee Bottles.  Babysaurus used to eat from everything but developed a sudden affinity for these and rejects all others.  Huh.
  2. Travel Bassinet.  I think I’ve mentioned this one before, but it bears repeating.  Perfect for beach trips.  The Tiny One snoozes while I get a sunburn.
  3. Polo Onesies.  Ummm….Seriously….How cute are these?!  And you can have them monogrammed.  Between hand-me-downs, and my love for them, we have one in almost every color. And they’re shorts so the little dude stays cool in this oppressive greenhouse they call Florida
  4. Flannel Burp Rags.  Someone told me you can never have enough.  I thought they were joking.  They weren’t.  Thankfully it takes all of two seconds to make your own.  Or order some and have them delivered to your door.  Ah, the wonders of the internet.
  5. Amber Teething Bracelet.  Not a fan of having my baby wear jewelry and not convinced with helps with drooling and teething but I’m 100% convinced it helps with eczema.  I’ll take it.
  6. A Good Bib.  We’ve beta-tested many, many, many kinds.  I can definitively say that these are the best.  No velcro (makes laundry ridiculous) and without that stupid plastic stuff.  Seriously?! A waterproof bib?  Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?
  7. The Holy Grail of Coffee Mugs.  After years of searching to replace my beloved bottle, I finally found it!  Every mom needs one. It keeps your coffee hot  So that cup of coffee you poured but didn’t get to enjoy for two hours?  Still hot.
  8. A Nanny.  I owe that amazing woman my sanity.  Thanks, AK!

month four

4 months 004



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