come one, drink all

Happy Birthday, Husband!


Since the morning after his birthday last year, Husband has been asking for another beer tasting party. Therefore, the Hunter House Beer Tasting has become an annual event coinciding nicely with his birthday. Easy for me, happy for him. I wanted to make this an extra special event for him considering what an incredible man he is and how much I love him. I think we achieved the goal.

beer party 073

beer party 061

beer party 075

 Everyone seemed to have a great time, the food was almost entirely gone, and no one was completely devoured by mosquitoes (although we had a couple of close calls). Every time I have a party, I intend to take great pictures like I see all over the internet but alas, I’m always running way too far behind to allow for that. My wonderful sister-in-law managed to get a few pretty stellar ones, though, and the rest can be left up to your imagination. I’ll try to include all of the pertinent details in this post and over the next few days but feel free to ask for any templates, recipes, etc. Please don’t mind the plastic wrap and foil – it was either that or the bugs. I prefer foil. Also, ignore our awful grass. The dogs have been practicing their archaeology skills again.

beer party 068

The intent was that each guest would see the giant sign I made and placed at the front door, grab a rating booklet, pencil, and glass, and head out back. What ended up happening was everyone smelled BBQ and went directly through the house, skipping my system entirely. Oh well, I tried.

beer party 066

beer party 056

I rented tables and had a giant tub filled with ice at each one, along with a label for each type of beer. Guests placed their beers in the corresponding tubs and commenced sampling.

beer party 055

beer party 071

beer party 074

beer party 064

beer party 051

I printed this fork, knife, and spoon onto brown paper sacks I got at Sam’s (which only came in bulk so now I have 467 left…). Stuffed some flatware inside (plastic, of course), stapled it, and then put some tape on top so that no one would notice that I was lazy and stapled everything.


Brisket & Pulled Pork Sandwiches – the brisket is a popular party food around here and the pork is a new favorite that Husband found in a Food Network magazine. Accompanied by his Homemade BBQ Sauce
Build-your-own Mac and Cheese – a giant pan of my favorite mac and cheese recipe with toppings galore
Fruit & Veggie Trays (brought by an amazingly wonderful friend who is eight months pregnant and still manages to look amazing and show up to parties bringing glorious treats. I’m jealous. At my 8-month mark, I was mostly just trying to fit into sweatpants and trying to consume my (substantial) body weight in milkshakes.)
Build-your-own Fruit Pizza – Sugar cookies, “frosting”, fruit, and orange glaze
Guinness Truffles (recipe here! but I can tell you the inspiration came from the same place as the pretzel cigars. That lady knows what’s going on.)
3 Bean Porter Cupcakes vanilla beans + espresso beans + beer (beans)  There needed to be three beans…
S’more Cookies – another favorite. Perfect for summer BBQs when you want s’mores without actual flames in your backyard. I think Husband always worries I’ll catch the house on fire.
Sparkling Fruit Tea – Oh my goodness, this is amazing and my new go-to party drink. I dislike tea but I LOVE this. I made a peach version and a raspberry version with herbal tea. Amazing. You can find the recipe/instructions here.
Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Cigars – so fun and easy! I found the instructions here (pretzels + chocolate) and made my own cigar bands out of craft paper
Homemade Soft Pretzels – I’m still working on perfecting the recipe, but these are pretty darn good! A close second to the ones at the mall that make me drool every time I get within smelling distance.
BEER, BEER, BEER, and more BEER.

beer party 072

beer party 069


I think I’ve figured out how to do this! Hopefully! Let me know if this doesn’t work. I’m horrific with technology.


cigar labels


beer party 067


7 thoughts on “come one, drink all

    • Thank you! It was a great time! And yes-I had to do them one at a time but it my regular printer did a great job. It took a bit of trial and error with the positioning of the image. I ended up putting the image close to the bottom left corner of a regular word doc and printing it and it ended up in the right spot. Good luck!

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  2. Such a cute party!! I love the silverware bags!! Where did you find your vintage silverware clip-art, I can’t find anything similar that I like.

    • I wish I could remember exactly but I know I googled something along the lines of “antique silverware graphic” and then had to do a little editing of whatever image I found. I think I still have my image and can forward it to you in a couple of days when I get to my computer files again. Just send me an email so I have your address if you’re interested.

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