come one, drink all

Hi! I’m glad you made it here! 

The good/bad news is that I’ve moved and this post can now be found on the new chuckandwelly!

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Happy Birthday, Husband!


Since the morning after his birthday last year, Husband has been asking for another beer tasting party. Therefore, the Hunter House Beer Tasting has become an annual event coinciding nicely with his birthday. Easy for me, happy for him. I wanted to make this an extra special event for him considering what an incredible man he is and how much I love him. I think we achieved the goal.

beer party 073

beer party 061


7 thoughts on “come one, drink all

    • Thank you! It was a great time! And yes-I had to do them one at a time but it my regular printer did a great job. It took a bit of trial and error with the positioning of the image. I ended up putting the image close to the bottom left corner of a regular word doc and printing it and it ended up in the right spot. Good luck!

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  2. Such a cute party!! I love the silverware bags!! Where did you find your vintage silverware clip-art, I can’t find anything similar that I like.

    • I wish I could remember exactly but I know I googled something along the lines of “antique silverware graphic” and then had to do a little editing of whatever image I found. I think I still have my image and can forward it to you in a couple of days when I get to my computer files again. Just send me an email so I have your address if you’re interested.

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