month three

three months 032

three months

I meant to get an adorable picture in the cutest outfit I had picked out for the occasion but in the end, cozy won and he has discovered hand-mouth coordination.  There’s no stopping it.  Gah.  As much as I love seeing him do new things everyday, I miss my snuggly newborn.

weight: a lot
length: large


  • *Eating us out of house and home.  He was also hungrily eyeing my steak the other night.  I predict it’s not long before he loses interest in milk and goes straight for the beef.  Smart kid.
  • *Rolls over.  Well, mostly.  He can get the back half over but the top half gets stuck.  Or maybe he’s just practicing being a contortionist.  Who knows.
  • *Pretty sure he’s left-handed since he prefers to use it for everything: holding his bottle, grabbing toys, stuffing his fist in his mouth, pulling hair, etc.
  • *Talks a lot.  There is never a quiet moment around here, even while he sleeps.
  • *Loves to stand up and sit up.  He can hold his own weight, but lacks balance and motor skills, so we have to prop him up.
  • *Super-portable.  He’s the best traveler ever.  We have to make more stops for me to get Dr. Pepper than we do for him.


  • *HATES tummy time.  So we quit.  I’m pretty sure he has enough muscles to do whatever babies are supposed to be doing but he refuses out of frustration.
  • *Wants to be grown-up already.  He gets upset when you don’t carry him facing out so he can look around.  Husband jokes that he’s a grown person trapped in a three-month-old body which I think is pretty accurate.  Babysaurus gets really frustrated when he’s not able to do the things he wants.  Like eat steak and walk around.
  • *Loves TV.  There went my plan of keeping the electronics to a minimum.  The little dude loves it.  Typical man: his favorite thing is to sit in his chair (no pants on) and drink milk while watching ESPN. He even fell asleep sitting up once.  Super healthy habits we’re encouraging around here.
  • *Teething.  Everything we have is covered in buckets of baby slobber.  Gross.
  • *Loudest sleeper, eater, player baby ever.  Doesn’t wake up and is perfectly content, but even his subconscious wants to make sure I get zero hours of sleep.  If he were a dwarf, his name would be “Grunty” or possibly “Squealy” or “Yelly”.

favorites: (as voted on by Mom)

  • *Bumbo Seat.  Makes him feel like a part of the family so he can sit by himself
  • *Bunny.  His favorite napping buddy
  • *Mortimer.  Babysaurus has a need to keep his hands busy and full at all times and Mortimer is the perfect tool.  He loves him.
  • *Gripe Water.  For those times when the little man just can’t settle his stomach (or I’ve forgotten and eaten broccoli or something).  Works wonders.
  • *Hippopposites.  The Tiny One is really into books now (let’s hope it keeps up!) and this is his favorite (Duck and Goose and Otis are my favorites) – the contrast/simplicity/bright colors are really interesting for him.  If they made organic chemistry textbooks like this, I’d probably have passed that class the first time around…
  • *And also, pretty much anything from this store.  I’m trying to figure out how to just move in there without anyone noticing…

wedding 004


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