month two

two months 018-2

two months

Too fast! Too fast! Make it stop!

weight: 14.5 pounds.  In related news, my biceps are getting a killer workout
length: 24 inches. Or thereabouts


  • Still has a giant appetite and is best friends with the ceiling fan (the focus of his attention in the picture)
  • Has earned his wings on his first plane flight which resulted in his first visit to Texas!
  • Sleeping through the night!  Woohoo!
  • Rubbed all of his hair off so we now have a bald baby.  Excellent
  • Loves to use his hands for everything.  Especially covering his face.
  • Smiles a ton and is getting the hang of laughing.  Mostly he just squeaks and surprises himself.
  • Holds his head up and loves to stand up and bounce himself up and down.
  • Still living up to his nickname: Thunderbutt


  • Still not a fan of the crib.
  • Zero patience.  Particularly when there is food involved.  The only time he gets angry is when you make him stop eating to burp. Yikes.
  • I started back to work this month and am not a fan of not snuggling all day.

favorites: (as voted on by Mom)

  • Boppy Pillow.  There is a giant tag that says, “no sleeping”.  Therefore making it his favorite sleeping place.  I have both the travel version and the regular one which seemed excessive until I traveled halfway across the country by myself with a 6-week old.  Total believer in the necessity of the travel one but I like the regular one better for when we’re just around the house.
  • Flannel Wipes.  Which Husband refers to by the classy name of “the poo rag”. I never thought I would be one of those “hippie mamas” who use cloth wipes, but I am.  The disposable ones (or at least the ones we can find around here) irritate the little guy’s skin to no end but some flannel squares in warm water do a remarkable job.  Unfortunately, this makes a wipe warmer a near-necessity (because who wants to wait for the sink water to warm up at every diaper change?!) and I now own a contraption I was firmly against owning.  Sigh.
  • Finn + Emma Play Gym.  The Tiny One LOVES it.  And I love it because it doesn’t make annoying noises, it isn’t the color of highlighters, the height is adjustable so it grows with him, and the little animals un-snap for hanging on other contraptions (like the car seat) or holding.
  • Washable Changing Pad Liners.  Husband and I began lining the changing pad with puppy pads (yes, the kind for dogs) so that we wouldn’t have to wash the changing pad in case of accidents.  That plan got expensive quickly considering the frequency of said accidents.  We then discovered the washable kind and they’re amazing.
  • A really good washing machine.  Enough said.  Oh, and Tide To-Go Pens.  Which fit perfectly in the most awesome diaper bag in the world.

two months 024-2

two months 022-2


2 thoughts on “month two

  1. Im interested in what method you used to get your 2 month old to sleep through the night?!?

    Where did you get your chalk board?

    • Hi!
      Baby sleeping: we were blessed with a kid whose favorite activity is sleeping so we kind of had an unfair advantage. And we’re really, really laid back parents so we never worried about it much-just kind of went with the flow. Before he was born, we assumed we’d use a routine like Baby Wise, but that was ridiculous for us and no one was happy. Instead, we let him set his own schedule, but then used it as a routine so he got used to what he would do normally, just with more structure, during the day. At night, we start calming down the house around 8 (turn off or mute the tv, turn the lights down, and quiet as many distractions and stimulators as we can) then feed him whenever he’s ready after that (usually around 9-10), put on pjs and start going to bed. At two months, I’d let him fall asleep in my arms and then put him down but at three months (now), I can put him down when he’s awake and he puts himself to sleep. I think the key for us is to make the baby comfortable and secure. I wanted him to learn to get good rest first and then worry about where and how he was doing it. So, sometimes he slept in a rock n play, sometimes in the crib, sometimes in a pack and play but always on something warm and fuzzy where he could snuggle in and feel safe (without being able to smother himself). We also have a sound machine that we turn on at bedtime and now he knows that the noise means bedtime. If he would wake in the night, I’d start with the easiest solutions first-give him a pacifier, rub his tummy, etc-and pick him up as a last resort but I never made him cry it out if he truly needed food or diaper, etc-I’d let him fuss for a bit on his own before I’d start comforting . I found I didn’t have to actually get up and feed him often-he usually just needed comfort and security, not food. Every day he would sleep a little longer and would take less comforting from me to go back to sleep. At two months, he’d sleep from 10pm-5am and now (three months) he sleeps from 9pm-7am.
      Sorry that was so long! I think the big key is just to know your baby and enforce what works for them. Don’t force something that isn’t natural to you or them but gradually work towards it and emphasize their comfort at night. Find a little trick that calms your baby- pacifier, white noise, rubbing feet, etc and use it before picking them up or going straight to assuming they’re hungry. Hope that helps-my method is kind of the un-method. 🙂

      And chalkboard:
      you can read about how I arrived at my current situation here:
      But I eventually ended up with this one from Amazon:

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