month one

I promise this blog will not become all about babies. I have several recipes on deck that I’m dying to make and share but the little one keeps needing to be fed and cleaned and time just gets away from me. Also, I’ve had such a positive response to the weekly Babysaurus updates that I figured I should appease the masses and keep the fun alive. And believe me, there is plenty of fun. Like the up-all-night and chubby cheeks kind of fun. I have zero previous experience with tiny humans so have no clue what the normal milestones should be, but I can tell you what the tiny Hunter is doing and you’ll either think he’s amazing or way behind the power curve. Whatever.

one month 044

one month

One month has definitely flown by and I would be perfectly happy if time stood still. Particularly if that happened during naptime. That would be fantastic.

weight: 12.5 pounds. Yes.
length: no clue. He’s too squiggly and I don’t own a tape measure.

  • Little Dude is hungry! He eats 6-7 oz every 3-4 hours. One month old and already eating us out of house and home.
  • His favorite friend is the ceiling fan. He immediately looks for it in every room and will just talk and talk and talk to Friend Ceiling Fan, especially when he’s laying on his giraffe (the second favorite friend in the house).
  • LOVES walks and car rides
  • March Madness motivated him enough to start holding his head up. It’s kind of hard to watch the games if you can’t.
  • He loves holding things: pacifiers, blankets, my hair…
  • Gets compliments everywhere we go about his cuteness
  • Loves shopping with Mom in the Moby Wrap, but it gets a little hot for him in there
  • Likes life best when he doesn’t have to wear clothes.




  • Sleeping in the crib. HATES it. I don’t blame him.
  • Baths given by Mom (me). He is the sweetest little angel when Husband bathes him but when it’s my turn, our house is reminiscent of the London Blitz. Catastrophic meltdown. So I always pray he turns his changing table into a swimming pool when Husband’s home to fix it. It has yet to happen.
  • Keeping cool.  It’s only April and the poor guy sweats through all of his clothes. With the air conditioning on.


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