week forty-one

week 41

week forty-one

This week has had lots of ups and downs.  On the down side, the cold/flu gunk is going around and I was lucky enough to catch it.  Hooray!  The upside is, it actually makes the uncomfortable-ness of pregnancy not so bad after all.  And in even better news, I saw an actual doctor this week for the first time and the appointment was flawless, Babysaurus was proclaimed “perfect” (and ginormous), I was encouraged to not have an induction until next week, and I left a very happy preggo.

highlight of the week: great appointment this week and I feel like I’ll make it through this last week happily.
things I miss the most about not being pregnant: margaritas.  I think that’s the most disappointing part of having a late baby: my countdown to margaritas had to be extended.  Just kidding.  Kind of.
things I love the most about being pregnant: the ridiculous amount of sympathy I get for being 41 weeks pregnant.  Everyone is horrified when they realize I still haven’t had this baby and all women look at me like they’re so glad this isn’t happening to them.
cravings: sushi.  Yummy!
things that make me sick: germs.  The cold/flu has solidly won this round.
symptoms: inconsistent contractions and fatness.  And by fatness, I mean I’m so swollen I’m not sure those things at the end of my legs can be classified as feet.
things I’m looking forward to: my parents are coming this weekend and I’m excited to have company!  And I get one more week of guilt-free milkshakes until Operation: Get That Six Pack Back.



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