week forty

week 40

week forty

Still a few days behind but I’ve totally given up and honestly don’t know what day it is anyway, so I’m going with it.  The predictions for his arrival have come and gone, the original due date has come and gone, and the adjusted due date has come and gone.  Even the contractions and signs of labor have come…and gone.  Looks like a March baby for us!  Darn.  Also, I’m out of vegetables to compare him to.  He’s outgrown them all.  I think this might be the biggest baby on record.  They couldn’t measure him at the appt because “their equipment doesn’t measure that high.”  Awesome.

highlight of the week: One school semester is over and another begins!  Baby obviously didn’t care to make things convenient and make his debut during the break, but I’m trying not to hold a grudge.  And the best part about being more than 10 months preggo, is that I got to have a check-up with an ultrasound.  Husband snuck a peek at the screen and got to see the little guy’s face.  When I asked if Babysaurus looked cute, Husband responded that he looked “legit”.  I think that’s Husband-speak for cute.  I hope.
things I miss the most about not being pregnant: wearing my wedding rings.  Considering it’s the only jewelry I wear, I’m feeling pretty naked without them on my finger.
things I love the most about being pregnant: really having to stretch to find one this week….maybe the fact that it’s acceptable to take 3 baths a day.
cravings: wine.  darn.
things that make me sick: sitting up straight or laying down.  I have one position in my nest of pillows that’s comfy.
symptoms: nada.  nothing.  the only way I know I’m still pregnant is my ginormous belly.
things I’m looking forward to: spring break starts 11 March so hopefully that’s going to be a good day for a baby!

This week’s appointment:
Nurse: This baby isn’t going anywhere.
Me: I was afraid of that.
Nurse: Ready for your induction on Monday?
Me: No. I’m still not comfortable with that. Can we move it back a week?
Nurse: That’s really dangerous.
Me: I’m just saying if everything is okay, then let’s put it off for another week. I’ll come in every day to be monitored. I’m not trying to put anyone in danger, I just want to give him as much time as possible to do this on his own.
Nurse: (Now starts giving Husband the stare down) I guess everything is fine but if it were my wife I would insist that she not put the baby in danger and be induced sooner.
Husband: I’m going with my wife on this one.
Nurse: Fine, I’ll schedule you for the 11th.

Small victory for the Hunter family!


4 thoughts on “week forty

  1. You go girl!!! I allowed the induction and even to this day — 20 years later — I regret it. You’re on my “Greatly Admire” list! Bravo to you!

  2. Praying for you momma! Keep hanging in there…good for you for sticking to your desires under the evil eye 0f a nurse! 🙂 Love you all…

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