week thirty-nine. and a story. and a nursery.

I went in to my appointment this week with an open mind, determined that it was going to go better. It didn’t. This time, though, I made Husband come with me for moral support.

Nurse: So your induction is scheduled for week 41.
Me: Oh? I didn’t schedule anything.
Nurse: I know. I did it this morning just in case.
Me: Well thanks but as long as everything is okay with me and the baby, I don’t feel comfortable being induced until after week 42. Can I just come in for a check-up at week 41 instead and go from there?
Nurse: There are increased risks with morbidity rates after week 41 so you’d have to come in every couple of days to go through a lot of tests.
Me: That’s fine. I don’t mind coming in every day if I need to, I’m just really uncomfortable with an induction already in the books for that early if there’s no medical need. Is there a medical need?
Nurse: No.
Me: Then please cancel it.
Nurse: I’ll leave you scheduled so that you avoid the risks and don’t have to go keep coming back every couple of days.
Me: Whatever.

Husband’s eyes kept getting wider through the whole appointment but finally it was over and we made it back to the car:
Husband: Holy cow, that was absurd. She really didn’t listen to you at all.
Me: See? I told you! You thought I was exaggerating.
Husband: You weren’t. That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.
Me: Welcome to the last nine months of my life. Tell your kid to hurry up and be born.

week 39

week thirty-nine

Alrighty. New rule: they should not be allowed to make maternity shirts with horizontal stripes. Pretty sure it’s the least flattering look ever but also the most comfy thing I own and comfort wins over attractiveness at this point. Sorry, Husband. And it’s the end of week 39, but at this point, who really cares? Definitely not Babysaurus. He’s on his own timeline apparently.

highlight of the week: I feel like I’ve walked about 400 miles this week to try to help the little guy out. The fun part is Husband comes with me and we have lots of fun talks and are enjoying our last bit of non-parenthood.
things I miss the most about not being pregnant: being the size of a regular person. This whale-sized thing isn’t going over well.
things I love the most about being pregnant: Husband carries in the groceries for me!
cravings: chocolate chip cookies. I had to make my gluten-free chocolate chip pie. It was fantastic.
things that make me sick: pregnancy
symptoms: yes. I get so excited when my contractions get closer together and I feel like he’s ready. Then the next day he gets cozy again and I’m pretty sure I’ll be pregnant forever.
things I’m looking forward to: counting fingers and toes and seeing that little face! I think he’s going to look just like Husband.

In happy news, the nursery is complete and I’m pretty darn happy with the way it turned out. Poor Husband did a fantastic job with the furniture-moving (900 times) and crib-building and art-hanging.

So, without further ado, the nursery tour:

house 008

I used some sweet crochet baskets from Ikea that Husband hung on the wall to hold diapers and supplies so they’re within arm’s reach of the changing pad but not on top of the dresser.  There’s a mix of cloth and disposable because we’re going to give both a try and see how it works out.  I only say that to tell you about this really cute wet bag that I ordered from Etsy and matches the room perfectly.  It’s unfortunate that it’s about to be filled with poop because I really like it for the cute factor alone.

house 006

house 012

I’m pretty excited about most of the things we’ve accumulated and been gifted over the last nine months but right now all I know is the cute factor.  I’ll give you the functionality reviews as we use them and let you know what’s worked and what turned out to be the dumbest idea I’ve ever had.  I’m sure most things will fall in the latter category considering I know nothing about tiny humans.  Seriously.  I’ve never even changed a diaper so this is going to be exciting.  Don’t be alarmed though.  Husband and I watched a YouTube video about it so I think we’re good.*

*disclaimer: I say these things as jokes.  Yes, they’re true, but before we get phone calls from DCFS, know that we’ve enlisted lots of help and gone to every baby class we could.  And watched a lot of YouTube.  And read a lot of baby books.  Or at least Husband read lots of baby books.  I’m learning people get pretty touchy (and opinionated!) about things involving the care of babies so I can’t be as open with my comments about tiny humans.  Thus, now I have disclaimers.  Anyway, enough about that.  MOVING ON!


Up is one of my very favorite movies and led to the theme for the room. I have a strong opposition to most themes and things usually associated with tiny humans (Mostly stuff involving batteries and lights and colors that are bright and crazy enough to give me a headache.  But that’s another conversation for another time.)  so we went with adventure and travel and maps.  Well, and giraffes because they’re just awesome. To make the artwork, I took a map and coffee stained it and used my favorite reference from the movie: Adventure is out there!

house 007

house 009

I found the little pilot bear in DC at a museum and thought it was just perfect. Especially on the chest that stores blankets and other stuffed animals. The chest and pillow are both from Ikea.

house 005

Husband deconstructed some pallets and stained the boards to make the wall art piece. I fell in love with these letters from Antropologie but they were really, really heavy and I had horrible visions of them falling off of the wall in the middle of the night and Babysaurus would be squished by a giant K. Yikes. So instead, I got these lightweight cardboard ones from Paper Source and just painted them pewter. Much safer. Pretty sure a cardboard U can’t do too much damage.

house 011

This room used to be our office and we had the walls painted the grey/blue color when we moved in and the bookcase, chair, and most things already existed in the room and happily we’re having a boy so didn’t have to change much of anything.  (Truthfully though, I probably would have made the same room even if Babysaurus were a girl.) Anyway, we just had to add a crib, dresser, and the books in the bookcase needed a switch.  I think Baby Hunter will appreciate “Curious George” a little more than “A History of the Modern Middle East.”  Most of our things are from Ikea. Because Ikea is awesome. The picture on the wall is kind of hard to see but it’s this adorable print from Etsy.

house 003

This rocking giraffe might be my favorite thing of all time. Hopefully the little dude thinks so too. The super-fluffy-most-awesome-rug-in-the-world is a close second.   I’m always tempted to take naps on the floor in there just because it’s the comfiest spot in the house.  The rug is from Costco but I haven’t been able to find any more like it.  Tragic.  I wish I would have gotten one for every room in the house.

house 010

The mobile is my own creation and the tutorial can be found here. I also made the ruffled crib skirt using this tutorial and all-white muslin. And by “using this tutorial” I mean that I looked at the picture and made it up as I went along because I’m too lazy to follow actual instructions. I sew like I cook. It worked out. The best part is it covers the under-bed tubs where his extra clothes are stored.

So there you go! I tried to give links to most things people ask about but if I missed something, just ask!


5 thoughts on “week thirty-nine. and a story. and a nursery.

    • It’s the softest, best rug in the world! I actually got it at a Costco in Maryland. Random and I don’t even know if they have it any more – I couldn’t find it online. Sorry! Good luck because I think everyone should have one! I wish I had gotten one for every room

  1. Cassie – it is such fun to learn about your life, and enjoy it through your creative eyes and very clever phraseology!! I said to Brad last night, as I made cookies, trying to create some semblance of our cozy pre-grown-up-kid home, in preparation of Morgan’s trip home this weekend (for Mary’s wedding!) that I somehow find myself comparing any baking I do to YOUR baking photos/ideas/creations! Now I have to say that I’m just thankful my (sweet but simple) baby nursery & decor are wonderful memories, not actual rooms that I could compare to yours!! I love the idea of ADVENTURE (you know you’re prompting him to GO before he’s even arrived, don’t you…), the vision of the WORLD from the rocking chair, and most of all the hilarious fun of walking through your process – without all the mess in my own house!!

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