week thirty-eight

week 38

week thirty-eight

Another week closer!  Babysaurus now apparently weighs between 6 and 9 pounds and is between 18-20 inches.  Based on everyone’s predictions, he’s at the top end of that scale.  Probably fueled by too much chicken fried steak…

highlight of the week: the chiropractor is my new best friend and I’m not quite as miserable as I was last week.
things I miss the most about not being pregnant: not having strangers talk to me about personal things.  Apparently pregnant people are magnets for unwanted advice and opinions.
things I love the most about being pregnant: got to use the expectant mother’s parking spot at the mall.  Pretty sweet!
cravings: chocolate.  which is probably why I’ve gained 5 lbs this week
things that make me sick: laying down.
symptoms: mostly reflux and my feet are unrecognizable.  And a ton of contractions.  I get excited when they get closer together and then disappointed when they slow back down the next day.  Pick a plan and stick with it, Baby!
things I’m looking forward to: bringing home a baby!


I love comments. Did you also threaten to burn down your kitchen? Do you know how to get dogs (or ducks) to stop digging holes? Please tell me about it.

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