baby mobile


I found this gorgeous mobile for Babysaurus’ room on Etsy and immediately wanted it. However, my crafty self (haha) decided I could make my own for cheaper. Why do I always get myself into these situations? After a trip to the crafty store, I sat down to commence my project only to have Husband interrupt me to say that small humans under six months like plain black and white shapes better. Something about them focusing. I don’t know, he read the baby books, not me. But not wanting to knock myself of the mother of the year race already, I changed tactics. Simple black and white shapes it is! Secretly, this is a relief because I was probably way in over my head to begin with and a should undertake projects in baby steps. No pun intended.


This was probably one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. Thank goodness because I don’t even have enough energy to make it through a whole meal without a nap. All you need is plain felt (which is about $1 at the fabric store), embroidery thread, a needle (the embroidery kind there too), fluffy stuffing, and a frame hangy thing ($10), and bracket ($5). I got my frame here and absolutely love it. Maybe Babysaurus will too. Lightweight and easy to change out the shapes for when he can focus better and get more intricate shapes that I will lovingly and expertly craft. Haha. Who am I kidding? I’m never going to get around to that. But I digress.


I wanted these to be double-sided so cut the same shapes out of black and white felt and the fluffy stuff to fill it. Using a blanket stitch, I sewed all three layers together. It looks a lot harder than it really is. The whole sewing part took about an hour and an excellent tutorial can be found here if you don’t know how to do the stitch.


The wire frame already had clips so I just added a little loop to the top of each shape and clipped it in. Instead of hanging it from the ceiling, (which would totally work) I picked up a bracket that was meant for a hanging plant ($5) at the hardware store and sweet talked Husband into hanging it for me. Viola! Baby mobile for $20 that meets all of the baby book qualifications. Go ahead and order my MOTY (that stands for mother of the year-I just learned that yesterday) trophy now. Seriously. Do it quickly before I actually have a baby and mess something up.




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