and then there were three (part two)


I’ve had several requests for my files for the invitations from the baby-book-shower-extravaganza but alas, those were lost in the great computer crash of November 2012. As a hopeful substitute, I’ve scanned in the one remaining hard copy and am hoping you’ll be able to piece it together yourselves. If you would like for me to design invites and such for you, I’d be happy to do so, as well. Please contact me at and we’ll make it happen.

I used Microsoft Word for everything because that’s the extent of my computer knowledge and even that is stretching it. There are probably some kind of copyright laws I’ve violated but considering I’m not making any money, I hope I’ll be forgiven. Clicking on each link should take to straight to the exact products I used. Follow along as best you can and feel free to ask questions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Here goes:

20121116-143730.jpgClockwise from top left:

A. This is what the invitation looked like all assembled. I ordered these library card pockets from Amazon and the clear tiny envelopes are from Paper Source. I attached the clear envelope to the front and it held a little foldover card (approx business-card size) containing all of the pertinent details. The other parts to the invitation were slipped down in the library card pocket, which conveniently fit perfectly in the envelope. Bam!

B. All of the invite innards. I’m probably using innards out of context but it’s fun to say so go with it.

C. We asked everyone to bring a book to start Baby Hunter’s library. Larger version below.

D. The envelopes are from Paper Source (have I mentioned it’s my favorite store?!). I ordered a pack of each color so I could mix and match. I’m pretty much obsessed with anything they make so you can’t go wrong. They also sell these envelope liner template kits which I highly recommend everyone own. I had one from when I made our wedding invitations and it has really come in handy. It’s basically a piece of plastic to use as a template with your choice of paper. Not necessarily rocket surgery but the $13 takes out all of the guesswork and otherwise wasted time and paper while you figure it out on your own. And the simplicity makes it a perfect husband task. For the baby shower invites, I ordered an old Winnie The Pooh book from Amazon for about $.50 and used the pages to make liners. It hurt my heart to tear up a book, but it was totally worth it because these were adorable. Okay, enough about that.

E. The inside and out of the tiny foldover card I was telling you about in picture A.

F. Envelopes all addressed and ready to go! Turns out the post office is not very picky about how you address things and they’ll deliver your stuff even if you write at an angle all across the front. They’re nice people. I left cookies in my mailbox the next day as a thank-you.

AHere is the outside of the tiny card that lives in the clear envelope. I scanned in Eeyore’s picture from the old Pooh book and just cut and pasted into a text box in Word.

BThe inside of the afore-mentioned tiny card. You can see the fold line in the middle there. The pictures are also scans from Pooh, and using my computer genius, I copied and pasted them into Word. The fonts are from this awesome website.

DThe fun library card that was the focal point of the whole deal. I made a table in Word (again, it’s the only program I know how to use) and just made it blue and then put text in places with text boxes. And because I wanted it to look authentic, I bought a date stamp from the office supply store and hand stamped all of the dates in red ink. The total size of the card is approx 3X5 and it’s printed on paper I ordered from….(three guesses…) Paper Source.

EThis insert was also stuffed into the library card pocket and explained that we wanted lots and lots of books for Baby Hunter. I googled “Cat in the Hat” and found this image and typed some things over it using my trusty Microsoft Word and a text box.

CAnd the registry information. Again, Googling “Curious George” netted me the image and I typed around it. On a side note, if you need a baby registry, I totally recommend You can put anything from any site (even Etsy!) on one registry rather than having separate ones at every store. They totally need to make that for Christmas list purposes as well.

Again, sincere apologies for losing the files. I was pretty upset about it too. If worse comes to worse, you can maybe just save these images and type your own stuff over the top? Obviously, I have no idea how computers work. Good luck!


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