week thirty-five and a locksmith (or three)

week 35

week thirty-five

I’m missing five weeks in the middle here but we had a wonderful vacation and then I took a nap. At this point, I’m considering this one picture quite an accomplishment. I even wore real pants.

This week, Babysaurus is supposedly the size of a coconut. A 5 lb, 18-inch coconut. Who makes up this stuff? If you ever see a coconut that size, I’d suggest calling the Guinness Book of World Records because you have just made history. But the good news is, he’s almost done cooking!

highlight of the week: only one month left until his due date!
things I miss the most about not being pregnant: too many to list. Mostly just breathing and sleeping.
things I love the most about being pregnant: worrying about if I’m getting enough calories. What a pleasant change.
cravings: mostly spaghetti this week but there’s a growing list. (see photo.)
things that make me sick: when the little man lays in the wrong spot and kicks me until I throw up. Good times.
symptoms: mostly a lot of un-fun things.
things I’m looking forward to: meeting Babysaurus!

Husband and I took some pictures while we were in Montana and had a great time. Until we tried to go back inside and realized that the door somehow locks itself when it closes. Like those child-proof things except for adults. Naturally, it was a Sunday night (we were supposed to leave at 5am the next morning) and no one was around to come let us back in. Four hours and several cups of tea courtesy of the wonderful neighbors, we finally procured a locksmith who tried to unlock the front door. With no success. And the garage door. With no success. But third time’s the charm and we made in and finished the vacation safe and sound.

Only to return home to a locked house in Florida. We don’t have house keys and the house sitter managed to ninja his way out of the house and left the keys on the counter for us. This was thoughtful on his part but taught us the valuable lesson of always carrying keys (or at least hiding one outside). Well, taught Husband a valuable lesson. I still refuse. Thankfully, another friend had a key and was home and able to come let us in.

Fast forward two weeks and here’s another story:
Fortunately, our new car has this cool feature where the back liftgate opens automatically with the key beeper thing.
Unfortunately, this button does not unlock the car, it just opens the door. So when you open the back and load the groceries and your purse and then shut the door to take the cart back, you’ve successfully locked yourself out.
Fortunately, the fancy new car also has OnStar (complete with iPhone app) to get yourself out of these situations.
Unfortunately, it was never set up.
Fortunately, set up is easy and only takes two minutes.
Unfortunately, you must do it from within the car.
Fortunately, you have a kind Husband who will drive all of the way across town to bail you out.

Moral of the story: I’m never locking anything ever again. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the lesson I was supposed to learn, but it’s the best solution I can find.

But, we still managed to get some photos while we waited for the locksmith so in lieu of weeks 31-34, here you go:

IMG_2337 IMG_2346 IMG_2350 IMG_2353 IMG_2365 IMG_2372 IMG_2373 IMG_2389

...and calling the 45th locksmith in a row...

…and calling the 45th locksmith in a row…


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