week thirty-six and pretty much nothing else

week 36

week thirty-six

Me: I should bake something and write an actual blog post.
Me: ….
Me: Nah. Too much effort.

UPDATE:Husband just read this and had his own comments:
Husband:ya! More baking! You should make new things!
Me: What are you talking about? I just made you berry muffins!
Husband: (pouting) They were good, I’m just saying you usually bake more. I miss treats.
Me: I’m having your baby. That’s your treat. Besides, my feet are the size of Volkswagens and I have homework and housework and actual work. If you take one of those away, I’ll have time for cookies.
Husband: Nevermind. I was just thinking treats would be nice.

I love that guy to pieces but Husband doesn’t know what’s about to happen to this family when Babysaurus gets here and takes over our lives completely. Someone better bake that poor man some cookies. Or hope that magically 8 more hours appear in the day. Along with unicorns and flying pigs and tons of energy and other things that don’t exist.

This week Babysaurus is the size of a honeydew and is around 5.5 lbs and 18.5 inches long. Or so says the internet. I feel like he weighs 40 lbs and is roughly the size of a steam engine. Because that’s the only way I can justify me being the size of a house and him sitting on my tailbone and kicking me in the ribs at the same time. He’s getting pretty creative with his space in there.

We wish he were going to be here for the Super Bowl because let’s face it, that would be the best day ever to have a birthday. And watching the game during labor would be a much better distraction than sending Husband out every 5 minutes to smuggle me in food. Since he still has some growing to do (are you kidding me?!), my best friend and my neighbor threw an amazing sports-themed shower a couple of weeks ago. It was very un-scary and everyone had a wonderful time. If I find pictures, I’ll put them up. But in the meantime, THANKS EVERYONE! We feel beyond blessed.

highlight of the week: every day is one day closer!
things I miss the most about not being pregnant: coffee. the real kind.
things I love the most about being pregnant: comfy tshirts. I finally broke down and bought maternity t-shirts last week and immediately wondered why I’d been trying to squeeze into Husband’s for 36 weeks.
cravings: after 9 months of sweets making me sick, I’m craving chocolate milkshakes like it’s nobody’s business. Makes about as much sense as an elephant in a cherry tree.
things that make me sick: Contractions. I already am not a fan.
symptoms: Lots of contractions and I’m too puffy to wear my wedding rings anymore. Or real shoes. And I’m in super-nesting mode mentally but get too tired halfway through my organization projects and have just ended up making much bigger messes all over the house. Oops.
things I’m looking forward to: Husband says doing a real push-up but I never much liked those in the first place. I’m thinking it’s more along the lines of being about to see my legs while shaving them. I’m running out of band-aids from the blindly guessing method I’m currently using.