week twenty-eight and spiced cider

week 28

week twenty-eight

Babysaurus is now the size of an eggplant. But a couple of weeks ago he was the size of a head of lettuce so either I live in a place with very small eggplants (likely) or he’s shrinking (not so likely considering my ever-expanding belly). Apparently this week he has also developed eyelashes and can dream. Hopefully really big dreams of becoming an NFL quarterback and buying his mom and dad an island in the South Pacific.

highlight of the week: week 28 doctor’s appointment and happy to report that all is well. And I’ve only gained 3 lbs in the last 6 weeks. (woot) Apparently I did this pregnancy thing backwards and gained 30 lbs in the first 4 months and now it’s just all shifting around to the front and adding little bits of filler (aka turkey and stuffing) here and there. Dr says I’m a “special case” but also incredibly healthy so we’re going with it.
things I miss the most about not being pregnant: taking a real breath. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to not have my lungs full of baby.
things I love the most about being pregnant: back rubs. Husband rocks.
cravings: chicken fried steak and eggs
things that make me sick: forgetting my snack stash at home and having to go more than 2 hours without food. It wasn’t pretty.
symptoms: Everything hurts and it feels like I’ve gotten in a wrestling match with a Mack truck. And lost.
things I’m looking forward to: third trimester! 12 weeks to go!

And in the spirit of Christmas and my soon-to-fail attempt to provide festivity to your computer screen, I’m passing on my newly-discovered recipe for spiced cider. (Thank you, Paula Deen) We served it at our Christmas party last weekend and it turned out pretty tasty. Especially when you put a little Fireball whiskey in it. Or so I was told. I thought the baby-friendly version was yummy.


Obviously this picture is too pretty to be mine. Thank you, Google Images.

hot spiced cider

8 C apple juice
6 C cranberry juice
1 C orange juice
1/4 C brown sugar
4 cinnamon sticks
1 Tbsp whole cloves
1 orange, sliced

1. In large pot, mix juices and whisk in sugar until dissolved.
2. Place cinnamon sticks and cloves in a mesh bag (we have these fancy things that Husband uses for his beer but panty hose would work just fine) and dunk in juice.
3. Bring juice to a boil. Then add the orange and reduce heat to low.
4. Allow to “brew” for 30 minutes (ish) and then remove spice bag. Continue to keep warm and serve.
5. This is the part where you add the adult-only parts and garnish with cranberries and cinnamon sticks.
6. May your Christmas be a little merrier!



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