week twenty-seven and a christmas tree

Having barely managed to hold myself back from decorating for Christmas until this weekend, Husband and I went tree shopping on Friday. And came home with not one, but two. And I feel like that should be two and half because a 10-ft tall giant tree should count for something. Of course we put them in the car, wrapped in cozy blankets, rather than on top just because we could. What’s the point of having a giant SUV if not for Christmas tree hauling? I wanted the trees to be able to ride in style and comfort and enjoy peppermint mochas and Christmas music, too. I might not hug trees in other aspects of my life but I am quite benevolent towards the Fir species.

While looking for a XM Christmas station:

Me: We have to listen to Christmas music…we have a Christmas tree in the car!

Husband: No we don’t.

Me: Yes we do! It even smells like Christmas in here! Do you want “Holiday Traditions” or “Holly”?

Husband: I didn’t hear ESPN radio as one of those options.

Me: We listen to ESPN radio all the time. Indulge me for the next 20 minutes.

Husband: I’ll give you 3 minutes.

Me: Offer unaccepted. Touch the dial and you die.

Husband: It’s not December. You’re going to jinx Christmas.

Me: Nuh-uh. Last year we got our tree before Thanksgiving. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

Husband: [silence]

Me: Ya, let’s hear your comeback for that.

Husband: …it was pretty awesome.

Point for me. I’m pretty sure that brings our total to Husband=3 million, Me=1 but who’s counting?

It only took me two days, but I finally decorated the giant tree. And it was indeed proclaimed “awesome”. I’m convinced it was the extra touches of a smooth ride home and “Holiday Traditions”.

I would very much love to take those beautiful, sparkly pictures where the lights are gorgeous and bright but all I have is an iPhone that I barely know how to use so this is what you get. It’s prettier in real life, I promise. If you would like to contribute to the stellar-camera-fund, I take Visa.

week twenty-seven

In hindsight, I should have worn a color that isn’t the same as the background…

today is actually the start of week 27 so I’m back on track.  yay!
Babysaurus is now the size of a rutabega (whatever that is) and sleeps and wakes up on a fairly regular schedule which coincides with the exact mirror of mine. Little guy knows his stuff.

highlight of the week: hanging two stockings for the last time ever. It’s kind of weird, actually.
things I miss the most about not being pregnant: not having a nervous breakdown over things like not being able to decide what to have for dinner.
things I love the most about being pregnant: walking with Husband. I get a free pass on the ridicule for not running.
cravings: those delicious pretzels from the mall.
things that make me sick: too much cheesecake. And going more than 90 minutes without food.
symptoms: ALWAYS hungry!
things I’m looking forward to:  putting together the crib this week…again…third time’s the charm!


I love comments. Did you also threaten to burn down your kitchen? Do you know how to get dogs (or ducks) to stop digging holes? Please tell me about it.

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