week twenty-five

week twenty-five

Today actually starts week 26 according to the due date but I forgot to post this last week so I’m catching up now….

Babysaurus is growing quickly!  His lungs are developing and he reacts to outside sounds.  The worship service at church is his favorite – I’m afraid he’s going to get too excited one of these weeks and accidentally kick himself out.
highlight of the week: we are so blessed!  Thanks to amazingly generous friends and family who threw us a non-scary shower
things I miss the most about not being pregnant: energy!  I have none and could really use some
things I love the most about being pregnant: feeling the little dude do somersaults.  We need to work on his timing, but it’s pretty cool
cravings: anything involving mexican food.  it’s absurd.
things that make me sick: nothing besides pickles, olives, and tuna salad which I hated before pregnancy so it’s really no loss.
symptoms: my poor feet are so swollen and fall asleep all the time.  bummer.  and I still can’t remember my address…
things I’m looking forward to: watching Husband become a dad.  It’s awesome.  We were laying in bed while I was reading a book about death and the civil war (great stuff) and Husband was reading the baby books.  At least one of us will know how to change a diaper…


I love comments. Did you also threaten to burn down your kitchen? Do you know how to get dogs (or ducks) to stop digging holes? Please tell me about it.

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