i just didn’t mess it up


I lost a bet at work on Friday. My punishment was to bring muffins….


Considering that the record for longest-lasting pumpkin muffin is 4 minutes (I hid it under my desk) I knew I had to make those but wanted to throw in some variety. I made lemon blackberry ones yesterday which are normally amazing but not so much this time around. Turns out, you cannot simply substitute butter and milk for sour cream. Lesson learned.


My baking skills were in need of a boost, so I went for the go-to, never-fail: blueberry. I really can’t take any credit for the recipe except for the addition of my secret ingredient which is now no longer a secret, I suppose. If I’ve learned anything about baking, it’s that orange zest makes everything better.


I make blueberry muffins so often that I’m shocked I haven’t blogged about it (except for the gluten-free version, here) before, so I suppose this post is long overdue.


Regardless, enjoy the best blueberry muffins of all time. I feel like I can say that without being vain because it’s not actually my recipe…I just didn’t mess it up…


blueberry muffins

From allrecipes.com
3 C all-purpose flour
1 C pure cane white sugar
1/2 C pure cane brown sugar
1 tsp salt
1 Tbsp and 1 tsp baking powder
2/3 C vegetable oil
2 eggs
Approx 2/3 C milk
1 tsp vanilla
2 C fresh blueberries
2 tsp orange zest

1 C white sugar
2/3 C all-purpose flour
1/3 C cold butter
1 Tbsp ground cinnamon

1. Preheat oven to 400°
2. Combine all dry ingredients in large bowl.
3. Pour oil into large measuring cup (at least 2 C). Add eggs and vanilla.
4. Add milk to oil and eggs until you have 2 C of liquid.
5. Pour liquid into flour mixture and blend well.
6. Fold in blueberries and orange zest.
7. In food processor, blend sugar, flour, butter, and cinnamon and pulse until combined and crumbly.
8. Fill muffin tin with 1/4 C of batter and top with 1 Tbsp of crumb topping
9. Bake at 400° for 20-25 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.


And in other Hunter house news, Babysaurus has crossed the half-way mark!



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