happily ever after

Love story, part three.

I’ve shared our engagement and marriage story so now it’s time for the wedding! Most people have a wedding and a marriage on the same day but we don’t really work like that. No adventure there. We have to keep everyone on their toes. So we got married June 4, 2010 but had a wedding two years ago today. (Happy second second anniversary to us!) Separating the wedding from the marriage was the best decision we ever made. I think it made both parts less stressful. Going to the courthouse after work seemed like the less-stress way to say “I do”.


We didn’t really have tons of prep time to get nervous. We just decided what was best for us and we did it. Simple. Weddings are an important thing though, I think, so we decided to have a party in that fall so that our family and friends could be there too. And it wasn’t stressful either! I just got to plan a party-I didn’t have to worry about starting a new life and all of that. I just got to party.


Which is why it was perfectly fine for me not to put on make up or take off my gym shorts until 5 minutes before the ceremony. And I wore chucks. Because they were comfy. And I’m big on comfy. Especially since I had surgery (thank you, Celiac) 4 days before the wedding. Which was why the wedding was in October. Surgery gave us enough time off of work to plan the thing. Win-win. Except for the part where I was all bloated and bandaged. But that’s why there is a poofy dress.


Since we were already married, a big celebration with a DJ and seating charts wasn’t really our thing. We had a quiet brunch at a quaint historic house with rustic gardens and barn in California with food we made ourselves, lots of coffee, and general enjoyment all around. Old photos of our families were all around, marriage quotes were at every place, and Husband and I served the cake to our guests.


The one exception to ridiculousness were the centerpieces after I decided I wanted to put live birds in little glass lanterns. (Don’t worry PETA, I checked the lanterns with a local vet to make sure they would be safe.) My grandfather did a beautiful job with the ceremony and the bridesmaids didn’t even complain when I made them find grey dresses (which is apparently the only color that was out of season at the time). Anyway, it was a perfect day. Sure, the music didn’t work and the photographer called in sick and my dress got stuck in a rose bush (there’s a picture of Husband untangling me) and Husband and I didn’t get any food, but I got to spend the day getting married again to my very favorite person and there were birds on the tables. Excellent.


Today is two years since then and I wanted to make it a special one for us. I had meant to have a nice, beautiful dinner and a cake and card but what actually happened was Ranger had gotten sick in his kennel during the day (which took a couple of hours to clean up – I’ll save you the gory details) and I forgot to go to the store for cake supplies and sparking cider. So instead, we had a great dinner in our sweatpants and funfetti cupcakes for dessert. Which really are the best kind and pretty much suits us better. Truth be told, I don’t actually like cake unless it’s from a box. Shoot me, but it’s true. I make all kinds of fancy things but eat none of it. Unless it’s funfetti.


Me: AHHH! We’re out of oil!
Husband: I just bought some.
Me: When?
Husband: Two months ago.
Me: aha.
Husband: Well is there enough?
Me: You won’t believe it but there is exactly enough.
Husband: Oh, I believe it. You know what this means?
Me: Jesus wants us to have funfetti?
Husband: Exactly.

And that, is why we get more happily married every day.

Happy second second anniversary to us.


The pictures above at our wedding were taken by fantastic family members and friends (Husband’s cousin should seriously open his own business) but we decided to have some professionally done a few months ago. So we put the fancy clothes back on and had the amazing Deirdre Lewis at Pictures of Prose do some for us. By this time, we had just found out we were expecting and I had gained about 15 lbs. I’m destined to never wear my wedding dress when I’m skinny. Maybe someday. When we decide to get married again just for the fun of it. Anyway, she made us look pretty nice, if I do say so…



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