it’s called being a disaster


I bet you thought I died.  I didn’t.  Not really, anyway, but my baking and social life have.  It’s finals week for me which means all available brain cells are focused on not failing.  And Husband and I have made some big career and life decisions recently which took a lot of our focus.  I’ve been busy and working and just plain old tired.  These are all excuses for why I haven’t seen the inside of my kitchen in the last two weeks.  Poor Husband has been taking over cooking duty which means firing up the grill. And oh my!  That dude can grill!  We have had the most amazing fish, chicken, pork, steaks, you name it.  I keep trying to talk him into doing a grilling post for the blog but no luck so far.

All of the busyness has meant that I usually don’t put as much effort into things as I should.  Leading to shortcuts like just flipping the couch cushions instead of removing the chalkboard paint I that was on my pants and is now on the couch (more on that project later).

Me: There! Problem solved!
Husband: No, not problem solved. Problem stalled.
Me: Whatever. Same thing.
Husband: No, no it isn’t. This kind of behavior is how you get yourself into ridiculous situations.
Me: I call it being fun and spontaneous.
Husband: Wrong. It’s called being a disaster.
Me: Okay.……but can you help me with this?
Husband: No. Be “fun and spontaneous” all by yourself.

Ugh. Why is he so much smarter than I am?!

And…..drumroll please….the blog is getting a facelift and some new features soon thanks to the amazing and beautiful Bobbi at Ready to Blog.  I’m pretty excited to get everything wrapped up and show off all of her hard work.  Because, let’s face it, we all know I can barely type my own name and there’s no way I could do anything like this by myself.  Stay tuned for awesome!


One thought on “it’s called being a disaster

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