Sorry for all of the mushy posts lately…I have a batch dough for these unusual cookies currently cooling in the fridge and will let you know how they turn out soon. In the meantime you get to hear more about me and Husband. Lucky you.

Since we’ve spent a fair bit of our short marriage apart, our letter-writing and card-making skills are pretty stellar. There’s something about getting a letter in the mail or a note in my gym bag that just really makes my day. So cards are a pretty substantial part of our marriage.

Sometimes it’s an invitation…


And sometimes it’s just a statement.


Sometimes we have a lot to say… (Okay, that’s usually just me.)


And sometimes not much at all.


Sometimes they’re silly… (Actually that’s most of the time.)


And sometimes they’re sweet.


This is my very favorite one. Oddly enough I was touched by his portrayal of me. Even if my eyes aren’t the same size.

Sometimes they come from a store…


And sometimes they come from the imagination.


Sometimes they’re complex…


It was love at first sight. Husband’s first card to me was this one at Christmas. In case you can’t see it, he’s throwing me off a cliff.

And sometimes they’re simple.


Sometimes they say “I love you”


And sometimes they say “I’m sorry.”


All these awesome cards pile up though. They’re meaningful and we love going back and looking at the story that they tell about us but when they’re piled in a shoebox, they’re not very accessible. I had five minutes today so decided to make a little book out of them to keep on our coffee table. Using a two hole punch is easy-ish and I punched holes in each card and clipped them together with rings.

20120609-214122.jpgFor the cover, I made a little picture out of cardstock. I’m sure there is something really professional-looking you can do with a computer but that’s way out of my league. I’m still into crayons and construction paper.


The plan was to laminate it but I couldn’t find the laminating sheets so that’ll happen another time. Or never, if I know myself.


I would like to say that I’m the prime card-maker of the family but that award goes to Husband, hands-down. He is an excellent artist and always has the most creative things.
Like this year’s anniversary card. Which was made of felt because the second anniversary is supposed to be cotton and he’s cool like that. My card, although cute, was from Target.

Husband, win. Wife, fail.



He also took me to a wonderful restaurant where we had our own private table and there were flowers waiting and we had a pretty grand time. The waiter brought out the wine and cocktail menu and offered his suggestions. We promptly ordered beer (my one a year) because we’re classy like that.




We somehow ended up with crab claws in our calamari. We had to ask Siri what they were….




Private table + beautiful view + great company = happy wife.

With the exception of a date, we have a $5 limit for anniversary gifts because it can just get out of control and it keeps it stressful fun when you have zero ideas and 24 hours to figure something out. Last year I made Husband an “anniversary jar” of all of the pictures and ticket stubs and wine corks from special occasions and things we had collected through our first year of marriage. This year I made some coupons for him to use, which is not a very original idea but he was pretty happy and has managed to use all but one in the last week.




UPDATE: I’ve had several requests for my coupon content.  So here’s a picture of most of them along with a list.  Again, I did all of these by hand so don’t be too impressed with my skills…

1. one huge hug…anytime, anyplace
2. one compliment
3. one pants off, dance off party (because Husband gets a huge kick out of me dancing)
4. remote for the day
5. “it’s all about you” sexy time (ahem)
6. one favor…anytime, anyplace
7. 30 minutes, electronic-free cuddling (because we have a bad habit of taking our iPads to bed)
8. movie night…in or out, the choice is yours
9. 1 hour of catch…any sport, anytime, anyplace
10. one smooch
11. one massage…anytime, anyplace
12. one foot rub…anytime, anyplace


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