the very beginning

Hello! Welcome to the project!


As a person lacking self-motivation and discipline (and with an overactive mind), I find myself easily distracted by life. I seem to run in 900 directions with no real purpose and not much to show for it. My house is less than pristine (but that can be blamed on the ever-expanding menagerie, right?), I’ve indulged in far more Oreos than I should have, and we eat mac-and-cheese too often (but it’s made with 8 cheeses I can’t pronounce so that’s something). It’s time to stop and smell the roses. Thus, the blog was born. What a doozy of a New Year’s resolution for a non-writer! This is my attempt to chronicle the adventure that is life and remind myself of the small things that make a difference. In what I’m sure will take a Herculean effort ridden with failures, I will organize my home (and keep it that way), broaden my cooking skills, deepen my relationship with my husband and my Savior and strive to be my best self – physically, emotionally, spiritually.