hello (from the other side)

Am I still allowed to use that reference? Is that song still popular?! I’m pretty out of touch with pop culture these days. Although that’s nothing new.

But you know what IS new?! chuckandwelly.com Okay, that’s not really new either, but it probably is to most of you who have found your way to this old version of the blog. In between writing new recipes and telling stories of conversations with my ridiculous offspring, I’m slowly migrating all of the posts from this old site to the new one so bear with me through this painfully long and drawn-out process. Luckily, the website is still the same and easy to remember: chuckandwelly.com

You’ve probably gotten here because you’re looking for my Berry Cake Recipe. Which is awesome. Because that cake is awesome. I’m happy to report you can still find that recipe here. And also happy to report it has made its way to the new site and can be found here. And while you’re over at the new site, you should probably do some clicking through more goodness. And subscribe to get all of the latest posts in your inbox.

Thanks for your understanding, patience, support, and friendship. I look forward to connecting with all of you. Happy Baking!

With love,